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A publication with a ubiquitous and panoptic coverage of the Marketing, Sales and Ad technology verticals. Industry leviathans work with us to Create, Promote and Distribute content. Our Editorial Services are leveraged by a wide array of titles in the Marketing chain-of-command from the CEO, CMO, CPO, CRO to Marketing Staff and Martech End-users.

MarTech Series has emerged to be one of the go-to web properties for neophytes to seasoned marketing professionals across the globe. Demand Generation, Marketing Operations, Field Marketing,Corporate Marketing, Programs and Campaign Marketing are some of the titles who have taken advantage of our Advertorial services to reach the right personas with Content in the form of Whitepapers, e-Books, Infographics, Play-Books, Research Reports and Case Studies to run impactful Top-of-the-Funnel campaigns.

MarTech Series is published and promoted by iTech Series, a B2B publishing and marketing services company. We select our specialist Expert Authors for their in-depth knowledge and experience of specific digital channels and marketing techniques.

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Editorial Services

News & Announcements of 3000+ Martech, Salestech and Adtech companies via

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Partnerships
  • Product Releases
  • Executive Hires and Movements
  • Funding Rounds
  • New Office Locations
  • Interviews
  • Guest Authors

Need creatively crafted content that enthralls? We got your back. Our Editorial Services team can tailor a unique solution for your need to:

  • Get your Content Strategy off the ground
  • Drive Brand Awareness
  • Land top-notch Leads
  • Drive SEO
  • Improve Engagement

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Advertorial Services

Content Syndication Lead-Gen: Drive Top of the Funnel Leads to Highly Qualified Leads into your sales funnel by promoting and distributing your content to resonate with an audience that maps to your Ideal Customer Profile.

Target Account Lead Generation

Highly Qualified Leads

Dedicated Email Sends

We Also Offer:

Display Ads: We offer a plethora of options for size, cost, and placement of your display ads.

Native and Branded Advertising: Our targeted, information based ‘pay to play’ opportunity via Native Advertising is where brands place their content on our platform.

Content Writing: Based on a defined scope our editors can advise on short, medium and long form posts to pique interest in your audience. This plays out as a collaborative effort or ghost-written white-label articles.

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