Hanzo e-book will talk about web & content preservation trends

Hanzo E-Book is a Password to Unlock Web and Content Preservation Trends

ideas for organizations to gather and retain data

The Web and Social Content capture expert Hanzo discusses the real-world issues faced by companies in gathering and retaining data in its new e-book

Organizations tend to face certain obstacles in preserving data in their day-to-day business scenarios. With the growth of more sophisticated technologies, the complexities of preserving content for compliance and litigation increases. Hanzo, the gold standard of legal defensibility and a leading name in preserving the web and social media content for global brands, unveiled its new e-book, “Real-World Examples of Web Content Preservation Trends from Top Companies” which provides in-depth insights on challenges and situations faced by organizations in preserving data

“Hanzo is an engineering company in the truest sense. We’re here to invent new ways to tackle problems, not to copy others.”
Kevin Gibson, CEO, Hanzo

The e-book is a powerhouse of useful ideas

Gone are the days when data sources would be confined to just websites, voicemails and emails. They now can be stored in a gamut of other devices as well as collaboration tools and multiple social media channels. This new e-book shares a detailed observation on how a company can deal with some of the most common threats and questions when it comes to data preservation. The guide includes the following points.

• It describes three clear challenges faced by organizations in gathering and retaining data

• It shows six common scenarios confronted by organizations while managing the web and social content preservation.

According to Jim Donahue, Hanzo’s Vice President of Sales, “Web content has grown in complexity over the years, often faster than organizations can keep up. Preserving content in this rapidly evolving digital age is imperative to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements and establish a defensible chain of custody. Our new e-book explores the myriad ways in which these challenges practically affect companies.”

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