Leading Location Platform Bluedot Releases Programmatic Geofencing for Points of Interest With Bluedot Places

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Programmatically Creates Highly Accurate Geofences Around Key Points Of Interest

Bluedot Innovation, the most accurate location service platform, announced the release of Bluedot Places, which enables marketers and mobile app developers to programmatically create geofences around key points of interest.

The new add-on service streamlines how marketers deploy Bluedot’s high accuracy geofences at scale. With Bluedot Places, brands can rapidly search for and map out locations anywhere, such as restaurants, hotels and airports. This minimizes the complexity and cost that brands experience in identifying the thousands of locations that are relevant and their geographic coordinates. Bluedot Places allows them to indicate which points of interest matter to their business, define the radius and launch their campaigns.

Emil Davityan, Co-Founder at Bluedot

“Location is a critical ingredient in personalizing the customer journey,” says Emil Davityan, Bluedot Co-Founder. “Bluedot Places empowers enterprises to create individualized brand experiences that are relevant for their customers, and to do it in real time and at scale.

The combination of high accuracy location services and programmatic personalization enables a wide range of powerful campaigns. Fast casual chains can send mobile offers to customers whenever they visit their competitor’s locations. Mobile commerce companies can deliver offers and enable purchases at virtually any business around a city. Travel companies can geofence airports, hotels and tourist sites, and analyze travel paths along the way.

Bluedot Places also eases the ongoing management of locations. Each virtual location will automatically be created, labeled and tagged with campaign-related data. This is complemented by a programmatic conditioning engine that can segment each location based on customer profiles or campaign goals.

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