4INFO Announces General Availability of Onboarding Solution Built for a Mobile-First World

4INFO, a customer identity and engagement solutions company, announced general availability of its data onboarding solution to meet the market’s growing demand for smarter and more accurate cross-channel identity mapping and data onboarding. Built on the company’s proven customer identity and engagement platform, 4INFO is enabling data companies to better monetize their data in an increasingly mobile world.

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Mari Tangredi

“We’re quickly seeing traction in the market since introducing our onboarding solution because our expertise in mobile is helping customers achieve higher match rates with the scale and accuracy they need to monetize data and maximize revenue,” said Mari Tangredi, general manager of 4INFO’s Identity Platform.

The growing demand for marketers to effectively reach consumers in mobile is clear: consumers spend nearly three quarters of all digital minutes on their mobile devices1 – and mobile ad spending is expected to more than double desktop display.2 Yet most identity and data onboarding solutions on the market today are rooted in desktop as a starting point for mapping people and data to devices.

“4INFO was born in mobile. More than four years ago, we solved the biggest challenge of connecting people and data to mobile devices helping marketers precisely target national mobile ad campaigns with our patented methodology. With our onboarding rollout, we’re expanding access to this proven approach for marketers’ use across platforms and publishers,” she said.

“As brands continue to shift ad dollars to mobile and video it became obvious that we needed to associate our purchase behavior data to a best in class identity grid that has precision and scale driving maximum value in activation of audiences,” said Jen Bukich, Vice President of Global StrategicPartnerships and Business Development for Kantar Worldpanel Shopcom, a Kantar brand., a leading data analytics firm with CPG and retail purchase behavior data for 300 million U.S. consumers.

“We chose 4INFO for mobile onboarding of our data to DMP’s and DSP’s because of its ability to map more people and data to more mobile devices than any platform we evaluated. The resulting match rates are 4X to 6X higher giving agencies and brands the opportunity to activate with scale cross platform/cross device,” explained Bukich.

Underpinning the onboarding solution is 4INFO’s Connected Identity Map™ that is fully addressable across all screens. Fed by a half-trillion data points every month, 4INFO’s Connected Identity Map is always on, perpetually mapping and evolving.

“When we decided to bring our insights to mobile audiences, we knew 4INFO’s mobile-first approach was key to delivering accurately and at scale. 4INFO has enabled us to effectively on-board our data and distribute to numerous partners,” said Michael Hussey, CEO at StatSocial, the premier provider of social audience insights, enabling brands and publishers to better understand, segment, and sell their audiences on the web.

“As fast as the digital world moves, we’re constantly looking for fresh thinking and options, and certainly data onboarding is no exception. Our customers want better cross-screen data options, and having one designed as mobile-native provides them even smarter choices.” said Bryan Gissiner, Director at Datastream Group, Inc., the leading provider of marketing leads and data management.

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