myDSP Announces Large-Scale Gender Targeting Now Available for iOS and Android

myDSP also offers advertisers access to high-performing programmatic mobile inventory from market-leading supply-side platforms, including sister company Mobfox.

This answers the market pain point of accurately targeting both women and men at scale, and is the first in a series of audience segmentation services to be rolled out in the second half of 2017.

“Scale with certainty is the goal,” said Omri Zohar, myDSP Senior Product Owner. “By combining a high quality of source inventory with our advanced predictive analytic capabilities, we can increase the audience of a certain segment while maintaining strict data quality requirements. The end result is large scale, effective gender targeting capabilities.”

Veronika Bukhman
Veronika Bukhman

“Our challenge was to create a homogenous offering, in order to enable advertisers to tailor their audiences for their campaigns. myDSP’s gender targeting is only the first step in our process of harnessing the power of data to unlock and avail the right audience at the right time for the right cost, and this will prove to be a game changer for advertisers,” explained Veronika Bukhman, Director of myDSP Customer Success.

“myDSP is in a rare position to offer targeting at scale that only a few leading platforms are able to provide. Our main goal is to empower publishers with the knowledge and tools to help define and sell their high demand audiences, which ensures that their inventory is based on real value. By offering audience segmentation to media buyers, they can increase their revenue,” said Noam Neumann, VP Technologies and Data at Mobfox.

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