New Tableau Subscription Pricing Announced to Enhance Customer Success in Business Intelligence

New Tableau Subscription Pricing Announced to Enhance Customer Success in Business Intelligence

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The freedom to deploy Tableau subscriptions on-premises, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid manner is set to be the new benchmark for the data management industry

Data visualization and management remain the most niche category in B2B commerce even as SaaS-based products take a commanding lead in marketing and sales technology market. To keep up with the pace of innovation and market competition, leading data visualization and analytics platform – Tableau has decided to up its game with new pricing strategy. From the time of the announcement on April 6, customers can deploy all its software as a subscription, rather than as a single license product. So, customers can pay for Tableau as they use!

We have always been driven by the success of our customers, and with subscription pricing, we’ll be even more aligned with our customer’s needs and further committed to earning their business every year.“- Adam Selipsky, President and CEO of Tableau

Tableau announced new subscription pricing for all of its products, including Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online. The new pricing model is aimed at significantly reducing the initial expense to deploy best-in-class business intelligence (BI), enabling customers to access the full value of Tableau’s award-winning platform and frequent product updates without purchasing a perpetual software license. It will significantly reduce the upfront investment of deploying business intelligence and access greater flexibility to scale at comforting pace.

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The new subscription pricing provides access to Tableau for a set period of time, where customers can choose an apt enterprise BI package based on their budget, need, and size.

Tableau Commits to Highest Customer Success in Data Analytics Industry  

New Tableau subscription pricing is part of a continuing shift towards a subscription business model, which is in line with customer demand and industry trends. Full platform details and pricing can be found on Tableau’s website. Flexible enterprise subscription offerings are also available.

Adam Selipsky, President and CEO of Tableau, said in a press release that Tableau customers requested for a more flexible pay-as-you-use model. “Many customers have told us they prefer to purchase software through a subscription model to more easily access the products they want, reduce upfront expenses and increase flexibility,” says Selipsky.

Transparency and Flexibility in BI Set to be a Game-Changer for Tableau

Transparent Tableau subscription pricing coupled with its ongoing commitment to delivering a complete analytics platform without additional fees or hardware restrictions provides customers with market-leading value and performance at any scale. Many Tableau customers have already shifted to this model, including more than 5,700 customer accounts who subscribe to Tableau Online, a fully managed SaaS version of Tableau running in the Cloud.

The reduced upfront investment of the Tableau subscription model helps organizations easily adopt the technology, while the transparent pricing ensures the platform can effectively be scaled enterprise-wide.

With new subscription pricing, Tableau customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of premium services, including Live connect to cloud databases like Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery, and web apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce. This enables enterprises of all sizes to have the predictability and flexibility they need to budget and plan deployments, in addition to scaling their infrastructure with time and needs.

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