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Tenjin Partners with Looker and Chartio to Bring Advanced BI to Mobile App Marketers

Tenjin Partners Looker and Chartio to Bring Advanced BI to Mobile App Marketers

Cisco Report via BI Intelligence

According to the 2016 Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index Forecast, mobile video consumption will magnify seven times by 2021. 82% of all the IP traffic will be video consumed on smartphones. Between 2016 and 2021, mobile data will account for 20% of total internet traffic, encompassing 6.2 billion connected smartphone devices at the end of the forecast period. Enabling marketers to focus on their Mobile-First B2B campaigns, Tenjin has announced a strategic partnership with B2B data provider Chartio and data applications platform Looker.

Tenjin, a mobile marketing start-up, will team up with Chartio to enable mobile app developers to leverage the power of data-driven business intelligence. App marketers can now access, analyze and act on B2B data more effectively and efficiently with unmatched agility.

“With user-acquisition costs as high as they are, it’s crucial that app marketers have robust BI tools to help them identify, target and acquire high-value users,” said Christopher Farm, co-founder and CEO of Tenjin.

“DataVault is the preferred solution for many leading app developers to help them gain user-level access to data from throughout the entire lifecycle. Through these partnerships with Chartio and Looker, we are now able to provide our customers with the industry’s most powerful visualization tools as well.”

Tenjin DataVault

Tenjin DataVault

By coalescing Tenjin’s data warehousing infrastructure – DataVault, with data visualization and exploration tools from Looker and Chartio, app marketers can now execute multiple queries on app data from across the entire customer lifecycle. Tenjin users can also generate reports in a number of flexible, intuitive and easily accessible formats developed with powerful end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions that can be used to acquire more profitable new users and optimize their ad spend.

via Looker

via Looker

Looker’s data platform enables every department within an organization – from product development and marketing to C-level executives — to access the data they need for better decision-making. “Our goal is to spread a culture of data throughout our clients’ organizations, making it possible for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that drives their business,” said Nouras Haddad, Director of Alliances at Looker.

“Our partnership with Tenjin ensures that not only can app developers access data from across the complete user lifecycle, but that everyone in the organization can use it effectively.”

Chartio offers a powerful, simple and out-of-box data exploration tool that automates routine analyses via scheduled emails and reports without any hardware or software installation. The Interactive Mode on Chartio is one of the most interactive and intuitive user dashboards for data exploration, offering cutting-edge data visualizations to gain quick, meaningful insights from multiple layers of datasets.

via Chartio

via Chartio

“Chartio’s mission is to empower everyone within an organization to easily analyze and visualize their data without needing to know SQL or any other proprietary modeling languages,” said Dave Fowler, founder and CEO, Chartio.

“By using our powerful and intuitive interface to gain insights into the data from Tenjin’s DataVault, app developers will be able to make better decisions regarding their ad spend and overall app marketing campaigns.”

As marketers look to avail a single, all-inclusive mobile marketing platform, Tenjin could very well become the go-to option for every app monetization campaign.

Founded in 2014 by Amir Manji and Christopher Farm, the San Francisco-based MarTech firm managed to scoop $2.5 million seed funding in June 2016. Businesses use Tenjin for analytics on advanced queries and events, ad spends, data aggregation, ad spend estimation and data visualization. For businesses looking for a unified mobile marketing platform, Tenjin with Looker and Chartio offers a formidable option at one convenient place.

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