Meet Chris Mann, the New Chief Product “Guy” at BrightFunnel

Meet Chris Mann, the New Chief Product "Guy" at BrightFunnel

BrightFunnel hired the LinkedIn executive to expand its revenue intelligence offerings. The new hiring strengthens its executive team, following recent additions of Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing, and Zack Kass, VP of Sales.

BrightFunnel, the Revenue Intelligence and B2B Marketing Attribution solution provider has tapped LinkedIn executive Chris Mann as their new Chief Product Officer. In his new role, Chris will lead product innovation to help marketing teams show the impact on revenue. The new hiring is part of the company’s focused effort at accelerating its momentum in growth and leadership expansion.

“I’m delighted to welcome Chris Mann to the BrightFunnel executive team,” said Nadim Hossain, CEO and Co-Founder.

Chris Mann has extensive experience working in the B2B marketing space, and his boundless curiosity, passion, and drive make him an excellent fit to lead the BrightFunnel product team.

Since raising $6 Million Series A funding in December 2015, BrightFunnel has emerged as the ubiquitous choice in Marketing Attribution and Forecasting solutions for global enterprises. BrightFunnel is planning to expand into new markets and also double their headcount in 2018.

Prior to joining BrightFunnel, Chris Mann served as the Group Product Manager for B2B Marketing at LinkedIn. He was part of the Bizo leadership panel when it was acquired by LinkedIn in August 2014 for $175 million. A marketing veteran in his own right, Chris has been a key technocrat at IBM, working with the cloud infrastructure giant for close to a decade.

BrightFunnel Has the Ammunition Marketers Need Today, Says Chris Mann

Stunned by BrightFunnel’s remarkable product and culture, Chris Mann attributes the company’s focus on bringing “truth to the B2B, CMO, and CRO” as the primary reason for his switch from LinkedIn.

Mann says, “This is where the key answers and decisions around the budget, programs, content, companies, personas, sales interactions, pipeline, and revenues are answered. This is something I’ve wanted to build since back at Bizo and then at LinkedIn, and it is clearly where all B2B marketers need to progress on their maturity continuum.”

BrightFunnel on the Leadership Expansion Mode

Dayna Rothman- VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel
Dayna Rothman- VP of Marketing and Sales Development at BrightFunnel

With Chris Mann on board, BrightFunnel rounds out its executive ranks, which it has steadily grown in the past year. Dayna Rothman, VP of Marketing, joined at the end of 2016. Dayna previously held leadership positions at Marketo and EverString. She has also authored Lead Generation for Dummies. BrightFunnel also hired Zack Kass, VP of Sales, the previous summer. Zack has held leadership roles at both Mixpanel and CrowdFlower.

Together with co-founders Nadim Hossain (CEO), Nisheeth Ranjan (CTO) and Ranjan Bagchi (Lead Architect), the executive team has extensive experience commercializing sales and marketing technologies at Salesforce, Marketo, LinkedIn, Mixpanel and Trulia.

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