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Need Immediate Insights on Your Marketing Investments? This Unique Next-Gen Dashboard Answers It All

Measurements, analytics, metrics and results – they are the pillars of all marketing efforts undertaken to prioritize customer journey across various channels. Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is the most comprehensive marketing technology for building justifiable marketing budgets with ROI-specific objectives. Marketers involved in MPM execution always have a tough time negotiating the dashboard to report one-on-one marketing performance in a useful manner. As CMOs look to tighten their MarTech stack in 2017, MPM dashboards have to be necessarily built in a layer-by-layer approach, providing every marketer unmatched insights on how their efforts are driving revenues. That’s exactly what Allocadia intends to offer through its latest addition into the family of MPM bundle.

via Allocadia

via Allocadia

Allocadia, the leading MPM cloud software provider and the creator of #RunMarketing movement, introduced a comprehensive set of marketing dashboards, providing data-driven insights to accelerate marketing performances across the organization. The features, which are a part of the newly introduced Customer Journey Insights, enable marketers to track marketing actions right from the start. Marketing teams can track, analyze and refine their efforts based on the revelations from the dashboard updates.

Customer Journey Plan Summary via Allocadia

Customer Journey Plan Summary via Allocadia

“With this release, we continue our commitment to marry data and technology to help marketers know where to spend their next marketing dollar, with confidence,” said Allocadia co-founder and Chief Product Officer Katherine Berry.

“The customer journey is a foundational framework in which our customers organize their marketing strategies, but it can be difficult to plan against this journey at large, distributed organizations. Our goal with this launch is to help marketers understand if the right investments are in place to support each step a customer takes in the buying process. We believe it will give new levels of insight and control over marketing performance.”

Mix by Customer Journey stage

Mix by Customer Journey stage via Allocadia

Allocadia cloud software is a quick-view MPM platform that allows CMOs to visually analyze and optimize their resources by connecting planning and budgeting actions with existing CRM, finance and investment data.  Allocadia ‘s latest MPM upgrade proves to be an authoritative dashboard that lets marketers take key decisions on the customer journey, spanning multiple touch points between engagement and purchase.

According to the latest report by Forrester, only 13% companies manage to understand and prioritize customer journeys across their marketing efforts. The new capabilities from Allocadia will allow B2B marketers to direct their actions on customer journey based on critical engagement data. Businesses can now connect marketing investment based on the customer journey. This insight, aligned with customer engagement activity at each stage, ultimately reveals the ROI of marketing programs at each stage of the journey. Marketers can then use this information to constantly monitor and adapt plans and investments to optimize marketing performance.

The latest series of enhancements in Allocadia’s MPM software comes barely weeks after the company introduced a new set of performance analytics on reporting dashboards to help users gain strategic insights into their marketing actions. CMOs currently rely on a wide range of marketing performance solutions, including business intelligence and predictive analytics to make their business decisions. MPM by Allocadia is different by virtue of its compelling persona-based dashboard integration, helping marketing teams to discern which activities and programs are achieving the targeted ROI.

via Allocadia

via Allocadia

Regarding the immediate growth plans of her company, Katherine adds, “We have always collaborated with our leading-edge customers and partners to both define and demonstrate excellence in Marketing Performance Management. Today we are continuing to lead the way with insights that tell a clear story around marketing results.”

As CMOs continue to search for the perfect MarTech stack for their organization, Allocadia’s new Customer Journey Insights fits in the space where marketing teams adjoin their existing framework and line of sight with a cohesive customer experience.

MPM solutions currently available in MarTech ecosystem largely encompasses products that support and optimize marketing programs, campaigns, and resources at a role-based level. As customer experience in B2B commerce becomes the most decisive factor in MarTech investments, intuitive dashboard reporting and MPM solutions, similar to the one Allocadia launched, hold the key to delivering powerful marketing simulation and optimization in 2017.

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