Announcing the Launch of Rakugo, A Revolutionary Digital Publishing & Content Tokenization Platform

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Rakugo, a new digital publishing platform that helps content creators monetize and copyright their work, is currently raising funds via the sale of the Rakugo Seed Token.

Rakugo’s copyright management system enables publishers to tokenize their work and issue content as a rare digital asset. This is done by leveraging Ethereum blockchain technology which will let users freely trade content as tokens on a market or exchange.

Currently, centralized publishing brands like Buzzfeed have ownership over contributor content. It’s easy for articles to get lost in today’s crowded digital marketplace, cut and pasted, and plagiarized without penalty.

But by tokenizing their unique digital assets, the content owner can sell full or partial ownership rights to their creative work.

“We are not only building a consumer publishing product – Rakugo – but also an enterprise API that will allow industry publishers to access talent on our platform for their own publishing networks,” – Brendan Playford CEO

Participating content creators can use Rakugo to make money via the following: advertising channels like google adwords; cryptocurrency donations and tips; paid per-piece or monthly subscriptions for access to exclusive content; and selling / auctioning shares of creative assets on the platform’s Digital Asset Marketplace. Creators can also crowdfund their creative projects by selling their assets or issuing tokens to funders via a Creative Public Offering (CPO).

Rakugo’s easy-to-use dashboard and publishing flow opens up the platform to a wide array of technical and non-technical users. To connect published work to more interested eyeballs, Rakugo is developing artificial intelligence – named Shogun – that will make recommendations to readers and writers alike.

“No one else is developing machine learning models for matching and influencing trends. This is how we’re scaling our revenue stream,” – Wyatt Meldman-Floch CTO

Rakugo’s platform includes ‘Kenzo’, a tokenization engine that issues custom smart contracts for managing the ownership and distribution of digital content, whereupon the copyright information is notarized on an ERC20 token. Royalties are distributed to token holders via transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Among other verticals, Rakugo plans to monetize its platform using native ad revenue, service fees, including completed crowdfunding projects, and an enterprise API licence for industry publishers. Rakugo token holders will get 20% of the company’s top-line revenue by way of a quarterly royalty payment.

For example, if Rakugo’s quarterly net revenue stands at USD 10,000,000, 20% (USD 2,000,000) will be the royalty payment sent to token holders. In the above example, if the total number of RKT tokens stands at 40 million and a token holder is in possession of 1 million RKT tokens, they stand to receive USD 50,000 worth of Ethereum this quarter.

Rakugo launched their ICO under the radar on August 20th to allow for a diverse range of investors. They are focused on delivering a working beta application to be showcased on the 16th of September in San Francisco.

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