Blink Joins’s Alpha Partnership To Automate Licensing Content To Major Media Companies

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Establishing the Ownership and Licensing of the World’s Creative Digital Assets, a new protocol designed to accelerate solutions for the digital media industry utilizing blockchain technology and timestamped metadata announced their partnership with Blink to fully automate the licensing requests from a global network of over 25,000 photographers, filmmakers and writers across over 180 countries.

The core objectives of are to create a platform which simplifies the process for publishing, licensing and authentication of digital assets. Simplifying the publishing process necessitates solving the issues of document integrity, licensing, arbitrage, analytics, syndication and attribution of digital assets. aims to create a Bitcoin blockchain-based platform with added smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate distribution of digital creative works and remove marketplace friction for publishers, editors and content creators by solving these issues, as well as creating greater cost efficiencies in hashing metadata than previously introduced.

Blink customers which include: The New York Times, ESPN, Airbnb, Google, OpenTable, among others, currently pay for access to their global network and tools which facilitate commissions and licensing requests. They also operate a full-service production company focused on high volume asset production and licensing. The partnership will enable to track, re-license and embargo terms of the volume of assets for Blink.’s platform includes a digital media licensing marketplace and it’s core product – the immutable portfolio, an asset wallet for all creative digital assets where territory and search parameters are considered for licensing and monetization. is ultimately laying the foundation for an open, blockchain-based protocol for decentralized media applications.
Matthew Craig, CEO of Blink

“The unwieldy process of managing licenses and copyright terms for the large volume of content produced by Blink is simply a fool’s errand – our clients want a better solution that creates transparency and accountability at every stage of licensing and our artists deserve it. This partnership is a critical step forward for licensing and will allow Blink to continue servicing the insatiable market for original content at scale,” said Matthew Craig, CEO of Blink.
Konstantin Richter

“This partnership allows us at to envision a complete marketplace where freelancers can get hired, protect their work and get rewarded for it in a proactive manner. The Blink participation will help us to ensure we develop the right blockchain utilities to serve their needs,” said Konstantin Richter, Business Development for

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