Sitecore Delivers Digital Marketing Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Sitecore Delivers Digital Marketing Cloud on Microsoft Azure

The combination of Sitecore and Azure enables digital marketers to accelerate the power, scale, and agility of its Contextual Marketing

Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software, launched Sitecore Cloud that delivers next-generation platform-as-a-service (PaaS) native support for the entire solution. The Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) 8.2 Update 1 was the beginning of the company’s cloud journey and partnership with Microsoft on Azure in December 2016.  The rest of its portfolio that includes Web Experience Manager (XM) and Sitecore Commerce will soon transition to Azure PaaS.

Deliver Customers a Competitive Edge to Execute Digital Initiatives

Ryan Donovan, SVP of product management at Sitecore, said, “Azure provides exceptional speed, scale, and reliability all the while saving costs associated with last-generation infrastructure-as-a-service and on-premises infrastructures. Sitecore and Azure is a winning combination that enables digital marketers and IT teams to get up and out to market fast, without the traditional long wait times associated with digital marketing technologies.”

Powered by Microsoft’s global data centers, the cloud leverages the speed and agility of Microsoft Azure’s PaaS development and deployment environment to enable marketers to quickly execute digital initiatives. The company will also be adding support for additional Azure Regions as soon as the underlying technologies needed to support it become available globally.

Microsoft Azure’s Corporate VP, Jason Zander, added, “Sitecore has architected its platform to natively support Microsoft technology from the beginning. Now it brings its digital marketing cloud to Microsoft Azure. The powerful combination will deliver customers a competitive edge through faster time to market.”

Faster Time to Market and Flexibility for Digital Marketers

It enables users to market in context using Sitecore XP’s Experience Database (xDB), which tracks every individual customer interaction over time, across every channel. The platform offers a fully managed cloud for all of its customers that have the freedom and choice to manage the cloud deployments on their own. It also provides customers with the choice to start with basic web and mobile content management and expand to add other integrated solutions such as commerce, email automation, and other Omni-channel options to fit any environment and budget.

Familiarity, Speed, and Scale for IT

Given its native support for Azure, Sitecore Cloud can be deployed in under 30 minutes.

ARM templates to deploy Cloud

Users can simply point-and-click a Sitecore XM or XP deployment through the Azure Marketplace, or deliver more customized environments utilizing the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates. Digital marketers can deliver websites, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and other fast-turn projects with advanced speed on the cloud.

Delivering Results for Businesses

Sitecore Cloud integrates with your existing back-end systems and marketing investments with connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, and Salesforce. It meets all enterprise compliance and security requirements.  Customers also have the ability to scale up and scale out as campaigns and programs evolve as Azure optimizes budget with pay-as-you-go metering. Therefore, it reduces costs associated with on-premises infrastructure.

For seven years in a row, its Experience Platform has been placed in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. Last year, it was acquired by EQT a Stockholm-based Venture Capital firm.

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