Synchronoss Unveils Cloud Analytics Platform for Powerful Customer Experience on Mobile

Synchronoss Unveils Cloud Analytics Platform for Powerful Customer Experience on Mobile

Synchronoss, the leading provider of multi-channel transaction management solutions for digital content marketplaces in North America, unveiled a new Cloud Analytics Platform for marketers. The new platform offers real-time insights on how to extrude and utilize data from customer life cycle and turn them into actionable business efforts. The latest tech release coincides with Synchronoss naming technology industry veteran John Fredrick as its new CFO on February 27.

“Cloud analytics yields immediate results. We’ve created an exciting platform with an impressive depth and powerful delivery for end customers,” said Ronald Hovsepian, CEO of Synchronoss, in a statement.

“Synchronoss has always been a trusted partner with the service provider community. As such, we’ve been given the privilege to work closely with our customers to create great experiences as a trusted, secure, and scalable provider. We believe this new platform gives service providers and untapped advantage to leverage the data they’ve always had in ways that will give them a deeper understanding of subscriber needs and allow them to provide a customer experience that exceeds their expectations.”

The Synchronoss Cloud Analytics platform is an ingeniously built martech solution that harnesses data science and AI/ML capabilities to drive insights. The technology is deeply embedded into the core service provider systems such as digital distribution, device and service provisioning and billing centers.

By adding Synchronoss Cloud in their stack, users will be able to identify and engage customers that are most likely to buy specific services. The new analytics solution will also reveal the background story about why specific customers are being targeted and which campaigns to launch to best upsell to them.

The Synchronoss Cloud Analytics platform gathers data from mobile carriers and makes a predictive trending report, offering instant access to advanced segmentation, market analysis, campaign optimization and performance management.

Taking a shot at the growing enterprise mobility market, Synchronoss Cloud Analytics is the second platform that the company launched in less than a week. Earlier, the Bridgewater, NJ-based mobility technology firm announced a new messaging marketplace platform – Synchronoss Messaging Marketplace. This is an intelligent, transaction enabler that will allow businesses to create new revenue streams by extending commerce-based dialogue to subscribers across a range of messaging platforms.

According to the CEO Hovsepian, the Synchronoss Messaging Marketplace represents the “natural extension” of their track record as a global Tier 1 Service Provider. It has been introduced to fend off the competitive threats OTT providers pose to service providers. It will help service providers emulate the most successful OTT messaging and commerce models available today. As the CEO puts it, “this will allow service providers to radically improve its customer experience, increase revenues and stay relevant in a rapidly changing global ecosystem.”

The recent launches of the Synchronoss Messaging Marketplace and the Cloud Analytics Platform are part of the company’s product diversity program, exhibited at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

Synchronoss Enterprise at MWC 2017

  • Secure Mobility Platform – Combines collaboration, identity, and mobility in an integrated workflow solution that enables easy, secure, two-way collaboration
  • Universal ID – Cloud-based digital identity management solution delivering unparalleled security with a simplified user experience
  • Synchronoss Bluetooth Proximity-based login –Proximity-based login in dynamic processes and workflows where security is critical
  • Synchronoss Augmented Reality Experience will feature a 3D representation of how data drives value through various solutions including advanced messaging, chatbots and cloud.
  • Synchronoss Personal Cloud features new functionality, including tagging content and files according to location, facial and object recognition; video curation allowing users to edit and personalize video collages of photos and then share them via social media, text or email; and flashbacks that present users with videos and photos taken on the same day in previous years.
  • Synchronoss VR experience lets users experience photos stored in their cloud account in a layered 360-degree experience via a VR headset.
  • Synchronoss Cloud Brokerage enables operators, service providers and resellers to enter new markets and offer integrated products while giving service providers the means for continuous, high margin monetization without disrupting their existing IT, Ops and Marketplace activities.

The company showcased a critical research-based study on data monetization and mobility maturity, in addition to demonstrating an innovative new cloud, messaging and data analytics products and secure enterprise mobility solutions.

As B2B commerce moves into a full-fledged Mobile-First ecosystem, Synchronoss is a flexible and powerful mobile transformation partner for martech users in 2017.

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