Conviva Announces Limelight Networks as the Newest Member of The Multi-Screen QoE Analytics Ecosystem Initiative

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Conviva, which has elevated the way OTT businesses use data-driven intelligence with their Video AI Platform, announced Limelight Networks as a content delivery network (CDN) collaborator for its QoE (Quality of Experience) Ecosystem Analytics initiative.

OTT publishers often rely on CDNs to deliver seamless streaming video experiences, and through this collaboration, Limelight now has visibility into the end user experience. By sharing video experience service analytics provisioned for CDNs, a publisher can enable Limelight to act and respond in the shortest period of time to any issues that might arise in the video viewing experience.

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Hui Zhang

“For many years, Conviva has maintained a strong relationship with Limelight, and we have many shared top-tier publishers that will see the benefit of us providing the same view of consumer experience. CDNs are a critical element in the delivery of a high-quality streaming experience, and now Limelight will be able to leverage Conviva analytics to deliver the best possible performance while also minimizing the customer impact of any CDN-related delivery issues,”  says Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva.

Through this collaboration, Limelight is able to look at important experience statistics by region and platform type, as well as metrics such as video start time and latency. Limelight will also have visibility into the same Experience Insights dashboard as its customers, which includes alerts, customer filters and the ability to combine with customer network topology data. This provides transparency for Limelight and its customers as well as a customized view of its network to quickly understand and solve consumer viewing issues.

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Steve Miller-Jones

“Consumers are accessing more video content from online and OTT streaming services. We are also seeing more adoption of video consumption on a range of mobile and other devices and consumer expectations for high-quality video anywhere, anytime remain the same, regardless of connection or device type. Using the Limelight Orchestrate Platform and working with Conviva, our customers will be able to monitor and refine the online video experience, ensuring they get the best performance possible,” said Steve Miller-Jones, Senior Director of Product Management at Limelight Networks.

Streaming video delivery is a complicated process that relies on multiple service providers, technologies, and vendors. Many things can go wrong between the point of transmission and the consumers’ screens. Conviva generates its real-time quality metrics at the video player level, which means it’s able to give publishers a live standardized picture of how its ecosystem is performing truly from the viewers’ perspective. The Conviva Multi-Screen QoE Analytics Ecosystem Initiative was launched in 2016 and provides the same business and service-critical OTT insights that Conviva publishers get from Experience Insights to all video delivery ecosystem partners. Members include Adobe, castLabs, Ineoquest, Level 3 Communications, Verizon Digital Media Services, and now Limelight Networks.

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