Gamified Email App Geronimo Returns to the iPhone: Reinvents the Inbox for Millennials

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Jumpin Labs is re-releasing their modern, design-driven email app Geronimo for the iPhone. Originally launched in August 2015 with substantial industry interest, the re-release of Geronimo includes a number of speed improvements and new features.

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Erik Lukas

“We’ve reinvented the way people can interact with email. Email hasn’t evolved much since 1999. Our phones get more advanced every six months but email has been painfully stagnant,” said Erik Lukas, founder of Jumpin Labs.

Two years in the making, the revamped gesture-based email app changes the status quo in mobile email with new ways of organizing your inbox. In the cultural shift to mobile messaging apps like Snapchat, Slack, and Facebook Messenger, email has gotten largely incremental changes from technologists and designers until now. The team behind Geronimo focused on creating new ways to manage an inbox that are fast, efficient, & fun.

Moving Beyond the Status Quo of Swiping to Archive

Other standard mobile email apps like Google Inbox, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail allow users to swipe their finger on their iPhone to archive or delete an email, a UI innovation the app Mailbox first pioneered in 2014.

Geronimo goes beyond slide to archive with a number of unique new ways to sort, archive, and delete email faster using new interaction patterns. After conducting a comparative email speed and usability study of mobile email users between the ages of 20-35 years old, the average time to complete the task of moving 20 emails to a folder with Geronimo was found to be 79% faster than Gmail iOS and 85% faster than Outlook iOS. In the same study, users archived 50 emails using Geronimo, Gmail, and Outlook and the average time with Geronimo was 59% faster than Gmail and 139% faster than Outlook.

Geronimo’s baseline innovations:

  • Horizontal timeline view. Users can see their email on a timeline with one column per day. Geronimo shows users seven columns at once to represent a week.
  • New interaction gestures. Users can pick up individual emails, can activate finger of fire features, and can toss email tiles to their four hot corners.
  • Four custom hot corners. Users set their own personal hot corners. They can create to-do list corners, use their own folder names or use standard email actions like archive or delete.

Some new Geronimo features:

  • Undo send. Users can unsend an email in case they made a mistake or forgot to add something important.
  • Annotating videosUsers can annotate photos and videos in geronimo with text and scribbles
  • Geronimo is clientside onlyUnlike most other email apps on the market, Geronimo works solely through a user’s device so there are no hardware or cloud servers that their private email data passes through.

Geronimo is free and available for download from the app store. The app works for anyone with a or google apps account.

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