inMotionNow Updates SaaS Product With Review Features for Marketing Emails

inMotionNow Updates its SaaS product with Review Features For Marketing Emails

The updates allow marketers to give email approvals with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to avoid long email threads

inMotionNow added a new review feature for marketing emails and a next-generation user interface to its flagship SaaS product, inMotion. Its review tool allows users to post emails from their email marketing platform of choice directly into inMotion for review and approval.

For faster approvals, marketers can simply use inMotion’s review features to mark up an email like they would a printed proof. Thereafter, the email is augmented with campaign information.

inMotion also presents reviewers with the subject line, send date, and target audience, for each email which they can mark up or approve. Marketers can approve it by a simple thumb up or thumbs down to avoid long email threads. On-the-go approvals are now possible with its mobile review app. The update also offers a new look within inMotion with the next-generation UX/UI built specifically for marketing and creative teams.

inMotionNow, CEO, Ben Hartmere, said, “We’ve consistently invested significant resources in ongoing product development to maintain a market-leader position within the creative workflow management space. These latest updates further cement inMotion as the industry’s best-in-class workflow solution.”

inMotion enables businesses to better manage content production workflows and get advertising, and creative content to market faster. Since its inception in 1999, inMotionNow has secured $4.35M in funding.

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