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Adbrain Partners with Digital Addix to Solve Cross-Device Customer Identities

Adbrain is the preferred cross-device partner as it matches 80% of smartphones to other devices with the ability to also map clients’ first-party data sets.

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Programmatic media buying company Digital Addix has selected Adbrain, a global provider of intelligent cross-device technology solutions to resolve online customer identity, as its preferred cross-device partner. This is the second Adbrain partnership announced this month. This news follows Adbrain’s recent partnership with Eyeota-the global leader for audience data with 3.5+ billion unique profiles in Europe, APAC, and the Americas, to extend latter’s audience data from desktop into mobile

Adbrain’s customer ID mapping technology will allow the clients of Digital Addix to maximize their exposure across devices and browsers, allowing marketers to reach consumers in a personalized way that best suits their browsing behavior.

Senior VP of Media, Digital Addix, Kelly Maguire commented, “With so many end users adopting three or more devices, our clients need a reliable partner that can offer a fully managed, programmatic solution that combines the human interface with unrivaled device mapping capabilities, and we’ve found our partner in Adbrain.”

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Its reach extends to over five billion IDs globally. In the U.S., Adbrain matches 80% of smartphones to other devices with the ability to also map clients’ first-party data sets.

Initially, Digital Addix is using Adbrain’s data exclusively in The Trade Desk. With this deal, Digital Addix also gets access to Adbrain’s Audience Insights planning tool to evaluate cross-device campaigns by tracking device overlap, audience expansion rates, and industry benchmarks.

Gareth Davies, the CEO, Adbrain, said, “Our mission at Adbrain is simple – to solve customer identity for our clients. We’re in perfect step with Digital Addix, an agency dedicated to customer success in today’s connected world. Adbrain’s cross-device solution allows Digital Addix to provide its customers with a best-in-class, data-driven solution to help set targets, measure and personalize client campaigns.”

Cross-device technology is fast becoming the go-to solution for marketers, as consumers are making it increasingly difficult to identify the right audience as they move across devices throughout the day.  Adbrain facilitates intelligent cross-device applications from media buying to analytics and attribution to allow marketers to reach the right audience.

It is backed by leading institutional investors including Cisco, Octopus Ventures, and Notion Capital.

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