Cloudera Announces Winners of Inaugural Partner Impact Awards

Cloudera Announces Winners of Inaugural Partner Impact Awards


Recognizes Partner Innovations with Cloudera’s Machine Learning and Analytics Platform

Cloudera, the modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, announced the winners of its inaugural Partner Impact Awards, which consist of the Best Solution Awards and the Business Excellence Awards. The Best Solution Awards celebrate partners who developed and implemented solutions which help Cloudera’s customers gain insights into their businesses. The Business Excellence Awards recognize partners who grew their revenue, pipeline and overall investment in driving joint business with Cloudera.

Philippe Marinier
Philippe Marinier

“In this new phase of Cloudera’s growth, partners are even more critical to the success of our customers.  We find it important to recognize and celebrate their innovation and their contribution to the successes of our customers. Cloudera’s ecosystem is large and fast growing, it includes tech giants and startups providing hundreds of solutions across multiple industries.” said Philippe Marinier, vice president of Business Development at Cloudera. “We want to thank all the applicants for their investment and their collaboration in delivering impactful solutions to customers.”

In order to demonstrate their solution’s success with customers, the Best Solution Awards nominees are also required to submit for the Data Impact Award. The Best Solution Awards winners were selected based on the solutions’ impact on customer business transformation and the Business Excellence Award winners were selected based on Cloudera business metrics.  The winners in each category were selected by a panel of Cloudera judges. Award winners were announced at Cloudera Partner Summit 2017 in NYC on September 26th.

Cloudera had recently joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions member and will participate in the Eclipse IoT Working Group. In this capacity, Cloudera collaborates with industry leaders such as Bosch, Eurotech, Red Hat and Samsung Electronics to support the development of Eclipse IoT Open Testbeds. This new initiative showcases how open source software, open standards, and commercial solutions can be used to create real-world, industry-specific IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

“With billions of connected ‘things’ on the horizon, the volume of data to be analyzed will increase dramatically and end user organizations will be looking for IoT solution architectures that embrace open standards and enable innovation. It will be increasingly important for technology leaders to contribute to the development of open source solutions and open standards for IoT with the aim of helping enterprises make IoT mainstream across industrial and consumer markets and for future, transformative use cases,” said Alexandra Rehak, practice leader for IoT at Ovum.

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