Voice AI Innovator Workfit Scoops $5.5 Million Seed Funding; Also Announces Its Leadership and Product Offering

Voice AI Innovator Workfit Scoops $5.5 Million Seed Funding; Also Announces Its Leadership and Product Offering

Voice AI Innovator Workfit Scoops $5.5 Million Seed Funding; Also Announces Its Leadership and Product Offering

Workfit, the creator of Enterprise Voice Assistant Eva, has scooped $5.5 million seed funding from four tech investors, including Salesforce Ventures and Greycroft Ventures. The funding will be expended to roll out innovative products for workplace collaboration, making meetings more productive, accountable and efficient. Workfit is expected to unveil a series of inaugural products this spring.

Omar Tawakol, CEO Workfit
Omar Tawakol, CEO Workfit

Founder and CEO of Workfit, Omar Tawakol said, “We believe that meetings should be the most powerful collaborative solution. But for many companies, the amount of time wasted in meetings is akin to taking truckloads of cash and setting them on fire.”

“In too many meetings, a lot is said, little is remembered and follow-up is inconsistent. The dynamics of meetings are broken, and in companies across the globe, meeting fatigue has become an epidemic.”


Additionally, the Eva-maker also announced the leadership which now comprise of –

  • Ahmad Abdulkader as Chief Technology Officer, who brings with him extensive experience earned as the Lead Architect for Facebook’s applied AI efforts that led to the creation of Deep Text.  Before Facebook, Ahmad has worked on machine-learning solutions for widely used products such as Google Books and Microsoft Bing.
  • David Wiener as Chief Product Officer, who has most recently led product management at BlueKai and the Oracle Data Cloud, delivering a global portfolio of products across four acquired companies.
  • Mohamed El-Geish as Senior Director of Engineering, who has previously led engineering efforts for feed personalization and moon-shot projects at LinkedIn. Previously, El-Geish scaled a number of PaaS solutions at Microsoft.

Before conceiving Workfit, Omar also founded BlueKai, which is now an Oracle company since 2014. The Big Data evangelist and visionary feels collaboration between teams are time-consuming and reap negligible results, leading to dissatisfaction among the participating members.

“Voice is clearly the most natural interface, but technologies and systems have forced workers into using complicated tools, each with their own learning curves. Workfit is developing technology that adapts to workers since software should work for you not against you,” added Dana Settle, co-Founder and Partner at Greycroft, one of the seed funders of Workfit.

Workfit’s first product, Eva, is an intelligent meeting facilitator that helps people by making meetings searchable, taking note of decisions, and encouraging follow-up on action items. Eva for Enterprise will be even more powerful, engaging users beyond meetings to help them feed data into, and query data out of, a variety of CRM, task management and customer service platforms. Businesses needn’t rely on SaaS to install Eva, or on specialized hardware to make meetings productive.

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