Neuronimbus Launches the First Video Integrated Chatbot in India

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Neuronimbus, the growth hackers and go-to partner for an entire spectrum of digital marketing and technology services has been in the business for 14 years and have a pedigree of making successful digital brand assets for some of the best brands. Neuronimbus has been involved in the steady development of numerous brands across different verticals and across different geographies, including consumer durables, electronics, food retail, FMCG, and so on.

It is this particular blend of technology and digital marketing expertise that led to the development of NeoBot, the intelligent Chatbot platform built by Neuronimbus. The responsive NeoBot can integrate with any existing CRM, LMS or data application, it can convert data input forms into a conversation and capture messages as responses. In addition to that it has features of sentiment analysis and can be data trained to deliver an engaging chat experience.

Hitesh Dhawan NeuroNimbus
Hitesh Dhawan

Hitesh Dhawan, CEO and Founder of Neuronimbus had this to say about the video version of their NeoBot “With the increase in video content development and consumption on digital and the increasing influence of conversational marketing, Neuronimbus developed and launched the first video integrated Chatbot solution in India. To put this in simple terms now the users can interact with the brand while watching a video. If they like something or wish to ask anything they can chat while the video is playing. The NeoBot engine has been used to develop this hence all the features of NeoBot are also available on this video version.”

This video version of the Chatbot was used for the first time in India in a digital marketing campaign for an automobile brand. This was done in partnership with the brand’s digital media agency. Neuronimbus Software Services is a digital solutions company which specializes in web design and development, business application development, creative business solutions, mobility solutions, social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

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