PullString Unveils New Intelligent Computer Conversation Platform

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Pullstring MattelDevelopers have always tried to keep automated and intelligent conversations as human as possible. Over the years, various platforms have been created for intelligent conversations and this week PullString unveils its own computer conversation platform. It took five years for the company to develop the platform and now it’s finally out for public access.  PullString, which was previously known as ToyTalk, was founded in 2011 and has since worked towards developing a conversation technology based on Facebook messenger and Mattel’s Hello Barbie doll.

The new communication platform hints at a change in the way we communicate with machines. In the next few years most of our conversations can include machines.

Shift in communication technology

This is significant because for the very first time users can actually talk to computers. The evolution in computer technology has enabled us to talk to computers in our native language. Similar to human conversations, the computers can understand our question and reply back. What was mostly seen in science fiction books and movies has now become a reality. Children who are born in this new era of scientific developments will find it obvious to have conversations with machines but 20 years back it seemed like an impossible thing. Our smartphones are enabled with voice applications that help us with our day to day task. Talking with the latest car models have also become common and soon it will be expanded to other devices.

Highlights of the new communication platform

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The communication platform supports Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS and Kik. The computers combine machine learning with artificial intelligence to create a conversation method that can precisely understand each and every word spoken. The machines are also being taught to understand a wide range of accents and native languages.

The platform has built-in templates, chat analytics, sample projects and multi-language support. It also allows communication between devices that are connected via the Internet of Things.

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