Amagi Media Labs Brings Out Amagi MIX for TV Ad Campaigns

Amagi Media Labs Brings Out Amagi MIX for TV Ad Campaigns

Amagi Media Labs, the India-based ad tech startup, has released a unique media planning and ad buying platform for television ad spots. Branded as Amagi MIX, the first-of-its-kind ad buying platform is aimed at e-commerce marketers, catering exclusively to the needs of SMBs and start-ups that aim to grow beyond the conventional print, radio, and digital media channels.

Amagi MIX as an effective ad campaign platform

Amagi MIX is a powerful ad campaign platform for advertisers who are already familiar with existing online ad management tools. Advertisers can navigate within the Amagi MIX platform to curate and introduce high-impact ad campaigns on TV, providing seamless integration with more than 100 international TV channels.

Baskar Subramanian, Co-Founder Amagi Media Labs said “South India has robust and growing SME businesses that contribute a significant percentage of the GDP. There is a big need for them to reach their consumers through advertising. Amagi MIX with its broad bouquet of TV channels, data-driven online media planning, and buying experience brings the easiest and the most efficient way for SMEs to buy media online.”

KPMG - FICCI Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2016
Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2016

Amagi Media Labs Aiming to Make TV Advertising Affordable

In a recent consumer research done by Amagi, it was found that lack of knowledge on TV advertising and affordability were the two key reasons of why SMB advertisers were not willing to consider TV in their media budget. Amagi MIX attempts to address these two challenges and make TV advertising more easy and affordable.

Amagi recently raised $35 million in Series D funding in December 2016 from Emerald Media and Premjiinvest. In 2013, the Bangalore-based company scooped $5.5 million in Series A from three investors led by Mayfield Fund. As the ad tech industry aim to progressively grow revenue-centric in 2017, the inclusion of ad buying platforms in OTT advertising campaigns will allow companies to score a higher ROI.

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