CloudCraze Partners with inRiver to Simplify B2B E-Commerce Engagement

CloudCraze Partners inRiver to Simplify B2B Commerce Engagement

CloudCraze, an e-commerce platform built natively on Salesforce, has joined forces with inRiver, the leader in cross-channel Product Information Management solutions. The new partnership will provide a simplified multi-channel PIM-powered e-commerce solution. This will be the first collaboration between a native e-commerce SaaS provider and a PIM company, allowing e-marketers to manage customer lifecycle based on interaction with the online product inventory.

“CloudCraze is focused on solving the complex commerce needs for our customers and their B2B engagement,” commented Andrew Witherspoon, EVP, CloudCraze. “When requirements go beyond the functions of our solution, we provide customers with proven partner solutions to meet their needs.”

CloudCraze offers B2B commerce solution with mobile-ready digital storefronts. Partnership with inRiver will enable CloudCraze users to curate, manage and distribute product information across every marketing channel. The collaboration will feature a central PIM with deep product catalog management capabilities. It will enable marketers to plug the gap between e-commerce cloud solutions and PIM, making marketing attribution easier and more precise.

According to a reliable market source, e-commerce is the only trillion-dollar industry that continues to grow at a frantic pace. By bringing inRiver into the picture, marketers using CloudCraze can solve complex issues unique to e-commerce and PIM. B2B customers can leverage the additional capabilities derived from the partnership to provide accurate and complete information to their end buyers – at the right place with the right message.

According to Custora’s E-commerce Pulse report, e-commerce sites are still relying on organic, CPC and email marketing to drive their revenues. Display and social media contribute less than 2.1% in driving traffic to the e-commerce websites. This glaring disparity in numbers separating the traffic sources could be blamed on the lack of a holistic e-commerce platform that could integrate B2B commerce with Product Information Management (PIM).

CloudCraze will simplify the entire PIM process by adding scalability, usability and rapid adaptability features to inRiver’s B2B offerings.

“Our joint customers will have access to both excellent 360-degree customer data and stellar product information to provide an exceptional customer experience along the entire buyer journey from product search to the purchase transaction,” stated Joe Golemba, Vice President of Channel and Alliances at inRiver.

Meanwhile, inRiver expanded its scope in digital marketing solutions by collaborating with DataFeedWatch, as announced on Monday. The alliance with DataFeedWatch will enhance inRiver’s syndication capabilities for e-commerce solutions. Marketers can build product stories leveraging optimized data feeds and PIM analytics provided by inRiver.

The latest partnership with inRiver comes just a fortnight after CloudCraze scooped $20 million Series A funding. As Martech Series had predicted then, CloudCraze is expected to accelerate B2B commerce product development and team expansion across the US and EMEA.

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