Ve Interactive’s Self-Service SaaS Platform Released; Set to Solve Abandonment and Conversion Challenges in E-Commerce

Ve Interactive's Self-Service SaaS Platform Released; Set to Solve Abandonment and Conversion Challenges in E-Commerce

Ve Interactive, the leading London-based digital advertising, and website conversion technology provider released its automated SaaS platform for e-commerce merchants today. The new platform from Ve will allow e-commerce businesses to erect their own onsite engagement and email marketing campaigns with ROI-centric objectives.

David J. Brown, CEO and Co-Founder at Ve Interactive, said, “Recent data shows that 76% of sales are lost at the checkout phase, with many more visitors bailing out before then. The Ve self-service platform brings enterprise-grade conversion technology to young and aspiring brands, empowering them to manage their own onsite engagement and conversion campaigns and grow their businesses faster.”

Ve currently provides programmatic ad solutions in display and video formats to over 10,000 clients, including American Airlines, Topman, and Barclays. The new SaaS will be readily available for use, enabling e-commerce merchants to leverage Ve’s business intelligent, conversion-enhancement technology instantly in existing campaign set-up.

via Ve Interactive
via Ve Interactive

Ve’s latest engagement platform is an opportunity for SMEs to extend their digital presence implementing readily-available conversion enhancing technology with programmatic capabilities. Highly intuitive and easy-to-use, Ve’s SaaS self-service onsite engagement platform provides marketers instant access to Ve’s email remarketing solutions. Marketers can amplify their customer engagement strategy by stemming unprovoked cart abandonment. E-commerce marketers can run ad campaigns seamlessly with a mobile-first approach with fully customizable website versions using VePanel. They can also refine omnichannel ad campaigns in very few clicks with in-built performance monitoring and reporting dashboards.

Emphasizing on the idea of bringing automation to e-commerce, JB Thread, Chief Product Officer at Ve Interactive, said:

“To date, Ve’s onsite engagement tool has increased our clients’ conversions by an average of 25% and our cart recovery technology has recovered more than £705m in transactions. Automating this technology and offering it across multiple eCommerce platform providers, will help businesses of all sizes and sectors drive greater efficiencies and, moreover, boost their revenues.”

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Ve’s reputation as one of the fastest growing unicorn companies in marketing technology industry has been affirmed by its latest offering. Fuelled by the programmatic technology innovations, Ve intends to empower marketers with invincible business intelligence acquired through in-depth analysis of user behavior and onsite activity. The new self-serving SaaS platform will help e-commerce companies save valuable time and resources, triggering instant onsite engagement using cart recovery tools to convert online visitors into buyers.

Ve Interactive is one of the rare martech unicorns which are privately-held startups presently evaluated at over $1 billion. According to an article by Financial Times, the seven-year-old company is trying to acquire funding in 2017 by projecting its value at over $5 billion in 2017. In December 2016, the e-commerce company acquired programmatic marketing solutions provider Crave&Lamb for $3.77 million. Prior to that, Ve Interactive bought German ad tech firm OPTOMATON for $6.45 million in September 2016. Ve Interactive also owns dynamic advertising solutions provider adGENIE, omnichannel marketing platform eBAY Enterprise, French data visualization startup Qunb, and internet marketing consulting firm KeChange.

Speculations are rife that Ve might make an IPO bid, helped by its traditional “scale through acquisitions” strategy in coming months. Ve’s latest ‘piece of technology’ is a definite move in that direction to go public.

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