Bamboo Commerce Completes Initial Capital Raise of $1 Million for Omnichannel Platform

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Michigan-based Bamboo Ventures LLC completed an initial capital raise of $1 million while developing Bamboo Commerce, its new omnichannel platform. It is a web-based inventory, order management, CRM and fulfillment platform designed specifically for retailers, manufacturers and companies selling on-line.

The platform is a cloud-based, SaaS (software as a service) solution that can be accessed 24 x 7 through a web browser. Retailers can now leverage Bamboo Commerce as their primary enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or order management system (OMS) to manage all customers, products and orders on any sales channel. Bamboo includes one-click integrations through prebuild APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Popular connections to best-of-breed technologies include Magneto, Magneto 2, Shopify, UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon,, Stripe, Quickbooks, ShipStation, Shipworks, Avalara and more.

In addition to its role as an OMS for omnichannel, Bamboo Commerce also saves retailer hundreds of hours in development and tens of thousands of dollars in integration costs. Retailers re-platforming on a new e-commerce technology can use Bamboo’s tools to load and map data and integrate to their new (or existing) platform in hours or days versus months. Its tools allow integration to third-party systems with the click of a button and can be deployed to the market with speed, accuracy and confidence. Time savings include limited training and staff requirements as well as pre-mapped data points and connections that make integration simple.

Bamboo Commerce was co-founded by Scott Robertson and Steve Thallman, who founded Grand River, Inc., recipient of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Company in America. Robertson and Thallman are the primary shareholders and investors in the venture. The initial capital raise provides the foundation to complete the architecture, design, build out and marketing for Bamboo Commerce. Bamboo Commerce is being used today by select retailers, manufacturers and B-to-B supply companies in the United States that also use Magneto, Magneto 2 and Shopify.

Bamboo Commerce is a SaaS-based Inventory, Order Management, Fulfillment & CRM Platform in the Cloud. It was designed for retailers and manufacturers to manage their omnichannel providing real-time channel tools with seamless, one-click integrations.

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