Unveils New Cross-Channel Marketing Automation Solution Powered by MindFire Studio Unveils New Cross-Channel Marketing Automation Solution Powered by MindFire Studio™, the leading provider of data-driven solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations, announced its partnership with marketing automation technology provider for agencies — Mindfire Studio. The latest partnership will enable users with enriching marketing automation capabilities for fully-integrated direct mail, digital, email and social media marketing. The expanded technology powered by MindFire Studio for DirectMail’s email marketing platform will support the growing demand for a streamlined automation for cross-channel marketing campaigns.

MindFire Studio provides multi-channel multi-touch marketing automation technology powered by authoritative analytics and performance metrics to measure campaign effectiveness and uncover patterns to accelerate customer engagement. This new solution will allow marketers to implement fully-integrated trigger-based campaigns to support acquisition, retention and continuing CRM programs. Additionally, these campaigns integrate and automate coordinated email, direct mail, social media, targeted digital display and mobile marketing efforts.

via MindFire
via MindFire

“We have significantly increased our strategic offering by developing and deploying multi-channel marketing campaigns that integrate print with other digital channels to improve marketing results. Our technology and data solutions offering continue to expand to stay on the forefront of a quickly evolving marketing landscape and to meet client demand,” stated Price Anderson, VP of Sales and Marketing at

via MindFire
via MindFire

MindFire Studio, the exclusive marketing automation platform for agencies and marketing service provider, offers highly personalized campaign management workflow to orchestrate activities across channels including direct mail, email, social media, SMS text messaging, voice and microsites. By partnering MindFire Studio, DirectMail intends to reconfigure its media touch points through intuitive interfaces, enabling users to store and manage digital assets within any Campaign Element.

As businesses look to automate their marketing efforts to meet the demands of their highly segmented customer base, DirectMail with MindFire Studio offers a highly productive revenue-centric marketing service to build deeper 1:1 relationships with clients. Campaigns are managed through an enhanced User Interface and Contact Profile View, offering marketers the ability to create fully-customized Reporting Dashboards. Built into the platform is a seamless integration with any third-party applications using Cloud Connect, improved email deliverability with Email Preview and Spam Analysis Reports.

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