X2CRM Introduces Location Marketing into Its Open-Source CRM Platform

X2CRM Introduces Location Marketing into Its Open-Source CRM Platform

Open-source CRM software platform X2CRM has announced the release of X2CRM version 6.5 introducing location marketing into its existing suite of enterprise applications for marketing, sales and customer service. Marketers using the open-source CRM platform can now manage clients seamlessly using a simplified and fully customizable app dashboard. The new application for check-in location marketing is supported on Android and iOS apps.

X2CRM V6.5 Open Source CRM features a built-in workflow and marketing automation capability, making it the most powerful scalable CRM automation platform currently available in the open-source marketplace. The new platform includes both CRM workflow automation designer as well as a sales and service process designer in single integrated suite. Powered by a user-friendly interactive dashboard, the new CRM platform can be configured for the web and mobile apps with a seamless workflow.
“With version 6.5, we (are) introducing the powerful tool of location tracking in every customer and user interaction. Combined with Google mapping, this new location CRM capability allows advanced user workflows based on customer and X2 user location tracking.” – John Roberts, CEO of X2CRM.

Cutting-edge Features of X2CRM V6.5 Open Source CRM

Check-In Location Marketing Automation

New in this release is a “Check-in” X2Workflow Action. This new location workflow action allows users to stay updated with a Notification, Email, SMS, or Activity Feed post that displays which X2 users are nearby as well as Google Map directions to each user using criteria such as distance away or time since last X2 user action.

X2Flow Marketing Workflow Automation

CRM admins can track website visitors by deploying the open-source CRM Automation Designer. X2Flow captures web leads and creates a series of automated actions based on customer’s behavior, allowing marketing and sales professionals to fine-tune their business and harness the full power of open-source CRM methodology.

via X2CRM website
via X2CRM website

Website tracking activity

Marketers can accurately track visitors’ behaviors so that they can directly address the demands of the customers and secure them as long-term customers. X2Flow allows setting up of behavior-based email and page alerts to notify high-priority contacts about specific page information.

Marketing Campaign Management

X2CRM adds the ability to schedule email campaigns based on predetermined times, allowing marketers to set up and schedule emails. Emails can be sent days ahead of time with optimized success. Additionally, there is new support for open email rates, click rate, and unsubscribe rate metrics for tracking campaign performance.

Targeted email campaigns

X2CRM Version 6 provides marketers the ability to create and send targeted email campaigns resonating with the voice of customers. Powered by the WYSIWYG editor, anyone can create a compelling campaign, targeting specific customer base as per Tags and Contacts List.

Deal Opportunity Tracking

X2CRM offers Sales team a fully personalized interactive interface on information about the potential deal, process stage, chances of deal closure, quoted price and account type. X2CRM also offers a seamless platform to create and track multiple deal opportunities in a single CRM account.

X2Touch Mobile

Real-time accurate data of a customer is the key to engaging the audience. X2Touch is the mobile version of the X2CRM open-source platform, providing marketing and sales team a quick-view on contact data and user lists seamlessly. The responsive UI screen easily adapts to all screen sizes.


X2CRM Version 6 is laced with a fully-tailored custom sales application X2Pacakager enabling sales teams to deploy and create bespoke CRM modules integrated to process management funnels.

X2CRM Mobile Android and iOS Apps

X2CRM 6.5 introduces a number of new mobile application enhancements. X2CRM is fast becoming a primary tool for mobile users by allowing the full contact action history to be seen on mobile devices. New in version 6.5 is the ability to create audio notes, make a video recording and the ability to attach the user’s location, or Check-in to account posts.


Introducing a completely new cloud service for both CRM open source and is included free for X2VPS hosting customers. This new cloud connector service provides a one-stop connector for Gmail synchronization, Calendar Sync, SMS two-factor authentication, interaction location detection, advanced Google mapping and additional social network and data enrichment services.


X2CRM also brings in a touch of creativity into its open-source automation platform with X2Studio. Marketers can quickly create new CRM modules without any programming using quick drag and drop features. The in-app development tool enables the administrators to generate and edit forms, customize fields and create dropdown menus in a variety of ways.

Email Mail Server Connectors

With version 6.5, X2CRM includes full support for most all email servers to send out email correspondence and email campaigns. In addition to email open tracking, X2CRM also captures the location of the user when emails are open. This intelligence can then be used in X2Workflow to create marketing automation actions. X2CRM includes email server connectors for Gmail, Outlook, Office365, Exchange, Yahoo, Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mandrill, Postfix, Sendmail and many other mail servers.

User Location Check-ins with Google Mapping

New in 6.5 is support for X2 user check-ins. Users can now post location check-ins with photos and voice notes. Additionally, user accounts can now be configured to require an SMS-based two-factor authentication token upon login. Included with user check-ins is a Google Map of users and their location histories. With this feature, managers can look at an X2CRM Google User map at any time and see the location of users and their statuses. This allows managers to know exactly what is going on in the field without having to contact users.

Calendar Improvements

New in version 6.5 is support for multiple shared calendars, event invitations with location tracking and two-way Google calendar synchronization.

According to Gartner, the CRM software industry grew by 12.3% from $23.4 billion in 2014 to $26.3 billion in 2015. As top CRM software companies continue to be in an expansive mode with their acquisition strategy, the open-source CRM platforms have largely kept their growth under wraps. X2CRM’s latest additions will speed up things in the open-source marketplace.

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