Zoho Unveils New Sales Intelligence and Automation Capabilities; Adds AI, Sales CRM and Customer Activity Responders

Zoho Unveils New Sales Intelligence and Automation Capabilities; Adds AI, Sales CRM and Customer Activity Responders
via Zoho CRM
via Zoho CRM

Zoho, the foremost provider of business performance, collaboration and productivity solutions, announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into Zoho CRM. Branded as Zia, the AI assistant for Zoho CRM will help sales rep detect anomalies in the workflows. The CRM company also unveiled its first sales process automation platform – Blueprint, adding a unified channel for sales and marketing teams to collaborate over a single CRM platform. Additionally, Zoho also added two upgrades to its platform – Zoho PhoneBridge and SalesSignals, to help businesses detect customer activities from a closer angle.

Founded as AdventNet by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996, Zoho made its entry into the SaaS and online productivity market in 2009. The latest additions into Zoho CRM platforms allow its customers to use AI capabilities across their automated stack.  Zia

Vegesna said Blueprint, a drag-and-drop business process designer, will also be a boon to Zoho CRM users. It enables them to build and execute sales processes from within the CRM, ensuring compliance from the entire team and making the process both systematic and repeatable.

Zoho’s chief evangelist, Raju Vegesna, stated the purpose of adding muscle to the existing CRM platform –

“Salespeople put work into their CRM. But does the CRM work in return to make it easy for salespeople? Debuting with Zoho CRM, Zia, Zoho’s intelligent assistant, is designed to do exactly that. Zia will contextually suggest ways to automate flows and detect anomalies, based on the sales rep’s CRM usage patterns. Soon Zia will expand her skills to other Zoho apps.”

Zoho’s Zia is essentially a predictive tool that identifies how sales reps use CRM to identify and convert prospects. By integrating with the other feature – Blueprint, Zoho intends to provide sales teams seamless insights into the best methodology to contact a prospect, thereby saving them time and increases their chances of closing deals.

According to Zoho –

Blueprint is simply an “online replica of a business process” facilitates automation, validation, and collaboration of teams, thus making your process more efficient and free from the loophole.

What SalesSignals does?

Connect the dots… Yes!

Zoho SalesSignals
Zoho SalesSignals

SalesSignals prompts sales reps to respond and engages prospects via calls, emails, chat messages and social media, ensuring ubiquitous connectivity over an organized timeline. The new feature allows customization as well as additional integration with third-party apps, helping users keep track of every notification.

And how about PhoneBridge?

Users of Zoho CRM can now manage inbound and outbound calls from within, and see the complete picture about purchase history, email conversations and other engagements of the caller with a single click. Zoho CRM with PhoneBridge supports on-premise PBX, including Avaya, Asterisk, Elastix, as well as hosted services from Twilio, Ringio, RingCentral, Ozonetel, Promero, and Knowlarity.

via Zoho CRM
via Zoho CRM

Zoho will offer PhoneBridge Platform via six vendors featuring in their partner spotlight–

  • AT&T Office@Hand
  • Jive
  • Vonage
  • Aircall
  • Syntec
  • Babelforce

Other Zoho PhoneBridge Platform partners are Sipgate, Kixie, ActivePBX, HubThunder, Duocom, Ameyo, Mondago, Inopla, and iKontel.

Zoho already provides SalesInbox with its CRM solution. It is a dedicated email provision for sales pros that collates data from Zoho CRM and places mails in context using filters and prioritizing triggers set by the user. Back in August 2016, Zoho announced the launch of Zoho Developer tool and Zoho Marketplace as part of its business expansion that provides app developers and independent software vendors to partner CRM development team and to upgrade their capabilities.

The latest additions and new sales automation capabilities from Zoho highlight how CRM providers are increasingly leveraging AI and machine learning to unify marketing and sales technologies.

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