Introducing 4C TV, a Unique SaaS Suite to Measure Digital and TV Ad Effectiveness

Introducing 4C TV, a Unique SaaS Suite to Measure Digital and TV Ad Effectiveness
4C TV Suite
4C TV Suite

4C Insights, the leading data science and media technology company, has launched the 4C TV, SaaS suite comprising of 6 tools for planning, buying and measurement of TV advertising. 4C TV will help brands win the battle for consumer attention and monetize eyeballs by leveraging data sources to create the complete picture of consumers for better targeting.

85% of people use another device while watching TV. So how can brands monetize on consumer attention?

The latest SaaS for ad tech industry goes beyond traditional demographics like age and gender, and metrics like reach and frequency to gain real insights about customers.  4C combines historical TV airings, real-time TV monitoring, household-level viewership, and social media engagement into actionable sets of data for marketersIt allows brands and agencies to create synchronized multi-screen ad campaigns via TV, digital, and mobile.

The launch of 4C TV suite follows a very productive 2016. The data science and media technology company bolstered its TV Synced Ads offering bespoke solutions for specialized media categories– politics and sports. It also launched a new-gen Advertising Analytics solution to help marketers understand the impact of TV on social media more effectively. The Snapchat Partner also confirmed that it is developing solutions for Advanced TV in 2017.

In 2017, 4C were named the top-ranked Cross-Channel Advertising Software by G2 Crowd and launched 4C TV.

Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C,  recalls how marketers could only choose where and when their messages were seen, unlike today’s advanced consumers who choose with their voice commands, finger taps, mouse clicks, and remote pushes.

“Despite these trends, most marketing technologies are still oriented around targeting and re-targeting when it should be built to pull consumers in with pre-targeting,” he informs.

Pre-targeting is enabled with the  4C TV suite that provides additional capabilities to advertisers. The 4C TV suite includes six products:

  • 4C TV Ads: A self-service programmatic TV buying platform with intelligent, predictive capabilities and robust campaign workflow.
  • 4C TV Analytics: A comprehensive measurement solution built on Teletrax™ to analyze reach, protect content and drive monetization.
  • 4C TV Audiences: Targeting segments that leverage affinity signals by fusing historical TV airings, viewership, and social engagement for brands and their competitors.
  • 4C TV Lift: An analysis framework to understand the impact of TV marketing by measuring key performance indicators at the audience and creative level.
  • 4C TV Planner: An advanced TV tool that enables media planners and buyers to use data-driven strategies for audience buying and linear schedule optimization.
  • 4C TV Sync: A real-time marketing solution for combatting second-screen distraction by pairing digital ads with live TV moments and commercials.

Founded by Chief Scientist Dr. Alok Chaudhary, 4C  provides insight into the behavior of 1.5 billion unique social media users across 250,000 interest categories, 50,000 brands, 6,000 TV programs, and 41 languages. It helps advertisers understand consumer behavior and predict future outcomes accurately using the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™.  It empowers video marketers to combine historical TV airings, real-time TV monitoring, household-level viewership, and social media engagement into actionable sets of data, influencing consumers towards particular brand preference.

In a 2016 report, titled “TV Planning Goes Data-Driven And Audience-Based,” Jim Nail, a Forrester principal analyst shared a key insight that digital advertising’s value proposition hinges on its ability to target individuals with rich data about their demographics, behaviors, and purchase paths.

Research published by TechValidate shows that 4C drives favorable outcomes for marketers including increases of minimum 10% in key metrics like awareness (96% of clients), engagement (89%), leads (82%) and sales (80%).

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