MediaMath’s Curated Market Sets a New Standard for Media Performance and Brand Safety

MediaMath's Curated Market Sets a New Standard for Media Performance and Brand Safety

MediaMath launches its Curated Market, guaranteeing high-quality audience reach on brand-safe content

Advertisers can finally lay their hands on a programmatic product that provides scalable opportunities to gain access to best customers and enthrall them with premium high-quality media. MediaMath’s Curated Market sets a new standard for media performance and brand safety that will significantly improve performance as brands and agencies tap into a premium, highly curated set of inventory, all driven by market demand for audience reach.

Curated Market Gives Access to Audiences in Cross-Channel Formats

Curated Market by MediaMath is the latest programmatic product for global audience platform, becoming the first cross-device programmatic platform for omnichannel media. MediaMath announced the launch of Curated Market to unite all advertisers’ need over the existing Data Management Platform, enabling customers to manage their marketing messages to customers and prospects across channels and devices.

MediaMath’s Curated Market will make true audiences available, in real time, to participating publishers, exchanges and SSPs. Those publishers have prioritized Curated Market demand and are able to immediately recognize and target those users.

Joe Zawadzki, Chairman and CEO of MediaMath, says, “Digital advertising has long promised the ability to change how marketers interact with their customers, but the ubiquity of channels and content means marketers need to be more selective.:

The Curated Market offering provides transparency and hygiene in execution and reporting, audience addressability at scale and accountability for actors in the digital ecosystem, across all channels. It will change the way marketers think about buying ads.“-  Joe Zawadzki, CEO MediaMath

Advertisers can gain access to their best customers and prospects at scale, leveraging MediaMath’s global audience platform and unparalleled cross-device footprint to bring programmatic marketing to the next stage of its evolution.  As of now, more than 7,000 advertiser and 500 publishers are aligning with the Curated Market to employ a stringent set of brand safety standards and protocols.

Focus Areas of the MediaMath Curated Market

  • Focus on large-scale, high-quality publishers based on comScore, offering privileged access to high priority inventory in the publisher ad server
  • Transparent validated URLs only with most direct technical execution path to validated URLs
  • An evolving and dynamic Universal Block List of restricted content that excludes most user-generated content
  • Content brand-safety in environments or on publishers that do not support content monitoring, verification and blocking
  • Integrations with leading providers of third-party verification platforms to provide brand safety filters
  • Proprietary Suspicious Traffic Filter inside MediaMath’s platform
  • Exclusion of sites or content promoting illegal activity, hateful or distasteful rhetoric

As a superlative technical recipe in a single programmatic platform, these benchmark standards ensure that MediaMath clients avail outstanding media quality, greater audience reach against their most valuable audiences, and better performance.

In our beta testing, one major US retailer, when compared to the open auction, saw a 50% reduction in CPAs and a 3x improvement in response rate. In the same testing period, a major internet television provider saw a 40% increase in unique reach and a 12% increase in conversions when compared to their open auction strategy.” 

Opt out of User-Generated Content for Brand-Safe Programmatic Engagement

MediaMath clients can choose to opt out of all user-generated content. In recent times, especially in the programmatic ecosystem, user-generated content have become the leading source of brand safety issues. Customers accessing Curated Market have to pay only for secure, brand-safe inventory across all channels including display, social and video. Moreover, if advertisers find their ads running in unsafe brand zones, MediaMaath also provides provision to refund for faulty impressions.

MediaMath launched its Demand Side Platform (DSP) in 2007. It has since provided an enriching programmatic ecosystem to advertisers, delivering customer-centric marketing experiences across channels, formats, and devices. With Curated Market, MediaMath intends to empower advertisers in buying, optimizing and reporting in real time, providing marketers access to first-, second- and third-party data and trillions of digital impressions across every media channel.

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