Programmatic Technology Leader Xaxis Names Bob Walczak as EVP, Global Products

Programmatic Technology Leader Xaxis Names Bob Walczak as EVP, Global Products

Xaxis, the leader in programmatic media and technology industry, named Bob Walczak as EVP- Global Products, which is a newly created position in the company. Walczak, at Xaxis, will be leading a new team to develop programmatic media solutions for global clients that use Xaxis’ Turbine: Data Management Platform (DMP), Xaxis Marketplace and other technologies.

Previously, Walczak has served as the Global CEO of Light Reaction, a mobile-first performance marketing company, which is also a part of Xaxis. The new team at Xaxis under Walczak will work towards delivering measurable results to brands, leveraging the in-house performance marketing technology. The new global products unit will work across Xaxis and its specialist brands, Triad Retail Media, Light Reaction, and plista.

Xaxis sees its programmatic solutions as resources that go beyond the advertising industry. Their programmatic insights offer real-time marketing opportunities using highly-efficient ROI-specific methods, always attributing the success of their programmatic media tech to the product development team.

Bob Walczak via LinkedIn
Bob Walczak via LinkedIn

Bob Walczak brings enriching innovation expertise to the highly volatile mobile-first programmatic technology ecosystem. By virtue of his stint at PubMatic, he is acknowledged as a savvy leader by tech investors in the US.

Xaxis invests heavily on product development and its lab research. Xaxis Ad Labs for programmatic marketplace delivers creative excellence, uncompromised run-time decision making and interactive audience engagement for mobile, digital video and connected TV formats.

The outcome from the Mobile World Congress 2017 is clear – The programmatic video marketing and advertising are set up for a very competitive year, thanks to the shifting sands of digital world which now focuses on Mobile-First platforms. Emerging trends in mobile and commerce include AR, VR, AI and live video streaming— where programmatic capabilities of marketers and publishers hold the key to churning most out of investments.

As media ownership turns more programmatic, it is important for tech firms like Xaxis, under the leadership of Bob Walczak, to continue focusing on product innovations and develop new technologies for the marketplace.

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