Ve Global Announces $19.88 Million Investment to Enhance Consumer-First Solutions


Ve Global will use the funding to strengthen its worldwide business

Ve, a multi award-winning technology company that offers online advertising and onsite engagement solutions that increase sales for online businesses, will use the funds to continue developing its consumer-first solutions and enhance its market-leading technology.

The cash injection from existing investors will help consolidate its position across 18 territories and facilitate the hiring of world-class staff to further enhance its global reputation.

The Ve team, led by CEO Morten Tonnesen, and COO David Marrinan-Hayes, will also use the funds to accelerate its operation in the United States, advance its expansion into new markets including China and India as well as amplify the launch of its new brand and refreshed product offering.

Tonnesen, said, “This funding represents a significant milestone in Ve’s journey and allows the business to enhance, develop and deliver more consumer-first technologies that inspire our client’s customers throughout their online journey.”

Tonnesen added, “The money will be spent on enriching our current product stack by developing the mechanisms we use to turn our data into insights; a key differentiator that powers our advertising and onsite solutions.”

For Ve employees, the funding translates into internal structures and incentives that reward their hard work and allows us to onboard the talent we need to help on our mission in delivering meaningful growth to our clients.

The funding would allow Ve as a global business to continuously deliver on behalf of our clients and support those faced with stiff competition in a digital age.

Founded in 2009, Ve started life developing basket recovery email technology. Ve’s appetite to predict and respond to consumer behavior in the digital age led us to develop award-winning technologies, that attract the right audience, with the right message at the right time. Currently, Ve serves 10,000 clients across 18 territories, with their consumer-first solutions.

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