Seismic and MindTickle Partner to Increase Revenue per Rep at Large Enterprises

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According to SiriusDecisions, 63 percent of sales reps fail to achieve quota due to improper training or the inability to find and use relevant content. Today, Seismic, the leading enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, and sales readiness solution MindTickle announced a technology partnership that will attack both issues, resulting in enterprise sales reps training for, and then executing in sales interactions in a more effective manner than ever before.

Top-performing sales reps are the ones who want to become better at every aspect of their job, from intelligently preparing and training to engaging prospects with the most relevant, personalized content,” said Doug Winter, Seismic co-founder and CEO at Seismic. “Companies looking to ensure that such top-performing sales reps remain satisfied and up-and-comers reach their fullest potential can only do so today with the help of best-in-class technologies. This is why we’ve partnered with MindTickle.”

The integration opens up new opportunities for sales reps using both technologies, including:

  • On-demand access to all materials necessary to increase performance: Reps using Seismic and MindTickle can now receive feedback on both presentation dry-runs and the content used within them at any place and time. Whether they are seated at their desks, in their hotel rooms, or in the lobby before a meeting, reps can tweak content and get coaching on their pitch whenever and wherever they need.
  • Just-in-time readiness on new content: Through MindTickle’s training and video coaching capabilities, new content within Seismic will be served with MindTickle modules on how to use it effectively. Sales reps can get smarter on new materials right from within the content platform they are most familiar with, thus decreasing time spent scheduling separate training sessions or requesting guidance from content creators.
  • Valuable information they need to get better: Information collected within MindTickle and Seismic on rep performance and content engagement will now be fed back to each individual rep, enabling reps to continuously and intelligently improve areas of their job that are directly tied to more effectively closing deals.

At Nutanix, we pride ourselves in providing sales reps with the right technologies they need to exceed quotas and drive revenue,” said Amir Chaudry, Head of Global Sales Enablement, Educational Services & Field Readiness at Nutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing. “The combination of Seismic and MindTickle does just that, helping reps prepare and master messaging before meetings, and win the deal with the most relevant information and collateral during them.”

Benefits of the technology integration also expand to all teams involved in the enablement process, from content creators in marketing to sales ops and training. These benefits include:

  • Holistic sales engagement data: The combination of the two technologies means that teams involved in the creation of sales content and training collateral now have a comprehensive view of reps’ engagement with all sales-oriented materials, helping them to further pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses of their salespeople.
  • New content certification: When integrated with Seismic, MindTickle’s certification process can be applied to new collateral, including product brochures and case studies. This ensures that reps only use the content in the field once they have demonstrated proficiency and expertize in presenting it.

A truly best-in-class sales team is one with a laser focus on driving revenue that is supported by a high-performing culture across the entire sales and marketing organization,” said Krishna Depura, CEO of MindTickle. “With MindTickle and Seismic, every team involved in enabling sales to accelerate deals and increase win rates—from Sales Ops to Sales Enablement and Product Marketing—will know that they are doing their part to have their impact felt on the bottom line.”

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