e-Zest Acquires SmarterMe to Improve Sales Productivity Using Personal Mobile Assistants

e-Zest Acquires SmarterMe to Improve Sales Productivity Using Personal Mobile Assistants

e-Zest, the leading provider of digital transformation and engineering technology solutions, announced that it has acquired SmarterMe, an intelligent mobile command center for sales and marketing. The acquisition will enable e-Zest to build and provide enterprise software for mobile, targeting salespeople across diverse industries. At the time of publishing this news, the terms of the deal remained undisclosed.

SmarterMe, which is a comprehensive sales IQ and smart assistance provider, replicates the workflow of sales pros through personalized mobile apps. The apps provide timely collaboration between the team members, providing easy share and interactions about prospects and partners without stepping into each other’s shoes.

Devendra Deshmukh, CEO of e-Zest says, “SmarterMe is a strategic fit for e-Zest as it aligns perfectly with our mission 2020 of becoming premium digital transformation leader and substantiates our line of offerings to customers across the globe.”

He further adds, “With cloud delivery and machine learning platform of SmarterMe, built by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and enterprise software veterans from software and cloud computing leaders like SAP, Hewlett-Packard and Salesforce.com, we aim to impact sales productivity significantly for our customers globally.”

via SmarterMe

e-Zest is expected to bring significant customization and integration into its digital transformation solutions for enterprise and product development for ISVs. SmarterMe can be used as a tool integrated with CRM or as a standalone application. It currently integrates with Salesforce and soon its Dynamics 365 & Siebel connector will be available.

Ashish Srimal Founder & CEO at SmarterMe adds, “By applying intelligence and Mobile-First design to power the next generation enterprise software, we will continue to help users get their work done by bringing the right information, the right application just at the right time and in the flow of their work.”

“Together with e-Zest’s capability and its experience of working with Fortune 1000 companies we will be uniquely positioned to deliver personalized experiences.”

via SmarterMe
via SmarterMe

CTO at SmarterMe Nitin Gupta affirms the martech roadmap is heavily dependent on bots, virtual assistants, and mobile user experience. Users are increasingly looking for alternate experiences on smart devices, Internet TV and home assistants like Alexa and Google Home. By acquiring SmarterMe, e-Zest will leverage technology to bring the same user experience to B2B clients.

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