10 Social Media Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

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Top 10 tools for Social Media Intelligence, Monitoring, Management & Analytics

According to the latest report, social media analytics market is estimated to grow into US $5.4 billion industry by 2020. Despite this optimistic projection, listening to what the audience is saying on social media remains the ubiquitous hurdle for digital marketers. Presently, finding the right pitch with the audience has turned into an arduous task for marketers. With multiple campaigns to handle, tracking every bit of customer journey becomes even harder.

Without social media analytics,  marketers fail to capitalize on the goldmine of opportunities that social platforms offer. Identifying the sentiment of each customer, a key business metric in user-engagement analysis, definitely helps refine marketing attribution models built around social media platform.

While it may sound off the hook for marketing rookies new to social media analytics concept, finding the right tool is a great way to start extracting valuable data about audiences and their behavior on social media platforms. Here are our top 10 social media monitoring and analytics tools for every marketer.

The Wow factor about these tools—they are simple and interactive with horses for courses reputation.

Crimson Hexagon

General Mills, Starbucks, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft, Twitter, Translation, Edelman and We Are Social. What connects them all? Apart from being multi-billion dollar companies, they all use Crimson Hexagon to make critical business decisions based on insights from social media data. Marketers use data analytics and live social stream monitoring from Crimson Hexagon for social listening and influencer identification. Crimson Hexagon’s social analytics runs on a machine learning algorithm that provides instant insight into one trillion posts, some of them dating back as far as 2005.

Brownie point: Crimson Hexagon puts together a series of data visualizations in its analytics reports which can be exported to different formats—MS Excel, PDF and images. The enterprise version is available in more than 25 languages including Mandarin, Hebrew, Irish and Ukrainian.


Synthesio is an enterprise-level social media analytics tool that monitors entire spectrum of social media campaign. It zeroes onto most relevant websites, blogs, forums and social pages out of 600 million websites. Marketers can select their own order of relevancy and customize their campaigns accordingly. Its social listening platform enables marketers to identify customer perception towards the brand based on real-time social content analytics.

With the introduction of a new real-time social dashboard, Synthesio Beam, marketers need not look any further to catch up with the entire buzz” in social media landscape.


Synthesio website

Brownie point: Powered by its scalable API, Synthesio also offers customized integrations with Facebook Insights, Marketo, Hootsuite, Salesforce and Conversocial.


This is our Pina Colada in the list. Refreshingly simplified and visually attractive, Sysomos is a solid package of advanced social research and analytics, image-based recognition, trend monitoring, and content management rolled into one. Sysomos has a host of customized social media monitoring tools built for exclusive marketing campaigns. Sysomos Scout, for instance, is a Facebook analytics tool that provides real-time insights on audience behavior, opinions, and competition trends.


Sysomos website

Sysomos does not miss out on research either. Sysomos MAP, primarily a campaign-centric research platform, uncovers crucial KPIs on marketing efforts and builds strong influencer engagement stream. Then there is Sysomos Expion. This audience management software reveals top content strategies and plans doing well on most social networking sites including China’s Weibo and Russia’s VK.

Brownie point: For marketers who want analytics on-the-go for their campaigns, Sysomos is the fastest social media monitoring and audience management tool package.


Image- BuzzSumo dashboard

Buzzsumo dashboard 

Buzzsumo is essentially a content research and planning software. It also comes with a power-packed influencer mining platform too. Marketers can find the most shared content on different social media sites and view the top influencers who amplified the audience engagement. Buzzsumo also provides a quick overview on keyword performance with detailed options on content search and planning alternatives based on content type and length, most shared domains, and influencer networks.

Brownie point: Marketers can easily filter out different social media content based on type, the date of publishing, language, region, domains and customized mentions to get higher traction from their campaigns.


quintly is a social media analytics tool designed to track, assess and optimize the performance of a social media campaign. Its centralized social media analytics provides a cumulative overview of the combined data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogs and so on.


quintly homepage

Brownie point: quintly creates automated social media analytics report with customized templates.


Brandwatch is a savvy social media monitoring tool to derive deep insights into what consumers are thinking right now across the web, and not just social media. It is trusted by leading ecommerce brands and consumer product manufacturers. Brandwatch Analytics and Brandwatch Vizia offer stunning fully-customized social listening and campaign monitoring platforms that can be accessed from any device, anytime and anywhere.


BrandWatch website

Brandwatch has a fully-scalable seamless PR and Reputation Management model which help marketers discover new avenues in social media landscape by employing cutting-edge influencer identification technology.

Brownie point: Nominated in almost every tech innovation award category, Brandwatch is the never-miss social media analytics tool for every digital marketer.


Build lovable brand image based on valuable social media relationship using Mention. It is different from rest of the social media analytics tools in this list by virtue of its filters and alerts related to customer’s sentiment analysis. It also offers competitive analysis, influencer identification and crisis management tools to ease the hassles of managing a social campaign.

Brownie point: Mention alerts the user about negative events in the campaign. Marketers can instantaneously fix social media crisis before things spiral out of control.


HootSuite leaps ahead of the rest of the social media tools’ pack with up-to-date information on customer activities and in-depth campaign diagnosis. For rookie marketing jockeys working on their maiden social media campaign, HootSuite is very useful. You can create new customer base, retain them and enjoy their attention on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on with live reports assisting your marketing decisions.

HootSuite analytics

HootSuite website

Brownie point: Get weekly reports with multiple user accounts.


What’s that one doubt every marketer has?

Is it possible to schedule a marketing campaign at various social media?”

Buffer does exactly that. When you have more than 10 social accounts to manage, posting social feeds becomes arduous. Enter Buffer…

Schedule posts, images and videos across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ in every social account you own. All it requires to get started is a valid Email ID. You can also sign into Buffer using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. This social media tool saves time on social media engagement and drives more clicks per post on every social account. Watch how your posts perform and what customers like, dislike and overlook with simple on-the-go analytics.

Buffer website

Buffer website

Brownie point: Marketers can schedule 100 or more posts per social account using Enterprise Edition available on 14-days free trial.


Heard of the Klout Score? Well, Klout is the most influential social media analytics platform that help marketers create relevant customer-centric content. It employs a percentage gradient model to rank each user on a scale of 1 to 100. The scoring is based on the influence of a brand or a person across various social networking websites and search engines like Facebook, Bing, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and WordPress.

Twitter is the base model for Klout score. It uses data points like followers, number of retweets, number of hash tags, dead spams following the account and number of unique mentions. This data pool is then analyzed with numbers from other social networks to arrive at final Klout Score. While the score disregards the influence of Pinterest, Klout is unbiased and reliable enough to create a basic social landscape across multiple social and blogging platforms for new media marketing campaigns.

The Wrap Up

The right social media analytics and monitoring tool solves problems related to content development, influencer identification, audience engagement and growth, and other issues related to driving ROI from every campaign. In the end, it’s all about bringing relevant, valuable and entertaining content to your customers. These tools help marketers achieve exactly that.


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