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ShareThis Launches First Free A/B Content Testing Tool on Facebook

Early trials of ShareThis Social A/B tool on Facebook suggest that shorter headlines, active voice and knowable references win versus headlines and images that function as click bait

ShareThis, the sharing intelligence company, launched a free Social A/B testing tool, that allows for A/B testing content on Facebook. Subsequently, it introduced viral notifications that send alerts via email or slack when your content is trending.

One of its clients, Jamie Mottram, Sr. Director of Social Content & Strategy for the USA TODAY Network, said, “Anyone who’s serious about optimizing content for Facebook should be using Social A/B. We’ve seen average 25% uplift for our link and native video posts when testing content from ‘For The Win’ and other properties.”

ShareThis Social A/B

First Free A/B Testing Tool for Publishers

Social A/B tool’s data-driven approach enables publishers to test and optimize their headlines, images, and introduction copy on Facebook to increase engagement. Early trials of the tool suggest that stronger journalistic writing principles such as shorter headlines, active voice and knowable references win versus headlines and images that function as click bait.

Publishers with 50K or more fan base, receive more than 30% or as much as 70% of reader traffic from social channels, mostly Facebook.  Social A/B connects directly to publishers’ Facebook pages and Facebook Ads Manager, enabling them to manage their A/B tests from one platform. Publishers can test against their own audience or a lookalike audience and export testing data for offline analysis.

Paul Lentz, Senior Vice President of the Publisher Platform for ShareThis explained, “Most publishers are pushing their business and editorial practices to align with how their audiences consume content. But this is not an overnight process. A/B testing is moving from ‘nice to have’ to ‘need to have’ because it helps publishers evolve in real time with their audience.”

Based out of in Palo Alto, CA., ShareThis has raised $60M in funding since its inception in 2007. The company has been Awarded Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies list. It acquired Socialize, a drop-in social platform that creates a community around apps, and madKast, a widget company that allows users to share a blog post or news article across multiple services.  ShareThis boasts +25 billion monthly views and has +240 million users. Among its clients are USA today, ET, Ellen, Dallas Cowboys, and Outside.

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