Talk Fusion Integrates WebRTC Into its Live Meetings Product

Global video marketing company Talk Fusion has released an enhanced version of its Live Meetings product powered by WebRTC (Real Time Communications) technology. The new interface was debuted on a corporate broadcast hosted by the company’s Founder & CEO, Bob Reina.

As a multipurpose video conferencing and live broadcasting product, Live Meetings allows users to seamlessly organize presentations and host meetings with up to 500 guests and 15 presenters on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With the new release, Talk Fusion has eliminated the need for Flash Player and other third-party plugins, in place of a download-free meeting recorder that works directly from one’s browser.

Adding one of the most highly sought-after video communication tools to its already impressive Video Suite, Talk Fusion remains ahead of the latest technology and marketing trends and is leading the charge in WebRTC development. Founder & CEO Bob Reina explains, “When it comes to unmatched value, there’s nothing else out there like WebRTC, which is why we’ve been committed to implementing this impressive technology into all of our products.”

Ryan Page - Image
Ryan Page

Accurately described as a golden opportunity for marketers and consumers alike, WebRTC certainly offers great benefits to the modern user—enabling voice and video communication on any web browser (without the need for plug-ins or additional software). “It’s a handy tool for peer-to-peer communication, and it makes a world of difference. Both meeting hosts and attendees can expect a secure product with intuitive design, crisp audio and video quality, smooth echo-free conferencing, enhanced desktop share features, and even waiting rooms where presenters can fully prepare their content and settings before launching the event with ease.” Talk Fusion Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page says.

“It’s not only intelligent, it’s efficient. Plus, it circumvents bothersome download requirements and processing setbacks one might experience with a competitor product.” Page clarifies.

Talk Fusion is known across the industry for not only delivering the highest quality communication products but also revolutionizing the arena as a whole. “We’re always chasing innovation after innovation,” says Bob Reina, “which is why we’re proud to have accomplished another Talk Fusion ‘world’s first’ with this newest advancement—being the first company of our kind to host WebRTC meetings on this large of a scale.”

Keeping true to Reina’s mission to bring WebRTC to the entire Video Suite, Live Meetings has now joined the ranks with Talk Fusion’s award-winning Video Chat product, which received both the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award and Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation, for displaying cutting-edge innovation in the WebRTC space. “We’re standing at the forefront of the industry and we have no intention of slowing down,” Reina explains.

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