Integral Ad Science Launches Beta of Viewability Measurement with Fortune 500 Firms

Integral Ad Science Launches Beta of Viewability Measurement with Fortune 500 Firms

As per IAS, media buying based on consumer exposure metrics is the next evolution of viewability

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is launching a closed beta program of Consumer Exposure Optimization with a group of Fortune 500 companies to optimize their digital display campaigns.

As part of the IAS Analytics suite, Consumer Exposure Optimization is considered as a first-to-market solution to leverage real-time viewability and ad fraud data to optimize consumer ad exposure. The testing solution will enable brand advertisers to determine the number of times people were exposed to the campaign throughout the purchase process and the time they spent with each touch point.  This information allows programmatically removing overexposure and reducing underexposure on campaigns. Brands can then even out their messaging distribution by adjusting their media buys to focus on the underexposed consumers.

Scott Knoll, CEO of IAS, informed:  “We’re evaluating the total brand exposure to people for the lifetime of the campaign, and our data shows that the vast majority of consumers can be reached more effectively. Our new solution aims to address this gap and ensure we’re exposing consumers for the right time and frequency.”

Brands need to think about consumer viewability rather than an individual impression to transact on viewability. 

The alpha program of IAS Consumer Exposure Optimization results points out that 70-85 % of people are exposed to only one viewable ad impression. Among those, 50-65% people have the potential to see the ad for five seconds or less on a typical campaign. This data establishes a need to understand and optimize against consumer ad exposure. As per studies, ads exceeding the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewability standards lead to a significant improvement in ad recall time.

Last month, Integral Ad Science announced a collaboration with Google to deliver brand safety reporting on YouTube. Google and IAS are looking to give advertisers additional visibility into how their ads are appearing on YouTube against a company’s brand safety requirements.

Integral Ad Science is the technology and analytics company that empowers advertisers to influence consumers everywhere. Founded in 2009, the company raised $76.75M and acquired 3 companies. The recent acquisition it made was of Swarm Enterprises, a real-time bot detection developed by fraud experts.

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