comScore Free Viewability Measurement Brings Full Transparency into Advertising

comScore Free Viewability Measurement Brings Full Transparency into Advertising

The free comScore Viewability offer will let clients focus on deeper performance metrics, such as reach within geographic and demographic targets and lift in brand awareness, purchase intent, or product sales

comScore, a cross-platform measurement company, announced that it will offer free viewability measurement to its global clients for promoting trust and transparency in digital advertising, improve cross-media comparability and drive focus on other metrics.

comScore Viewability will be delivered through a fully redesigned user interface. It will be available globally later this year as a free, self-service offering with baseline reporting metrics.

comScore Viewability allows digital media buyers and sellers to measure viewability rates across display, video, and mobile inventory. Contrary to the trend, the company states that viewability is not a measure of effectiveness, and can consume measurement budgets. The free viewability offer will enable marketers to focus on metrics that matter.

“Viewability is critical, but for too long it has dominated industry discussion at the expense of other metrics that also really matter. We think it’s time to make viewability a table stake for digital advertising and move the market forward to a broader realm of more meaningful ad measurement across platforms,” said Dan Hess, Exec. VP of Products, comScore.

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The Initiative Drives More Dollars to Digital

“AOL is committed to helping advertisers and publishers build brands people love and action on real metrics across screens. For the digital advertising industry to accomplish these goals, we undoubtedly need greater transparency and trust in the marketplace. We’re encouraged to see comScore taking steps to enhance that transparency by opening up viewability to all. This initiative offers clients greater control and drives more dollars to digital,” explains Tim Mahlman, President, AOL Platforms.

Key to Create a Level-Playing Field between Digital and TV

Lyle Schwartz, President of Investment, North America, GroupM, believes that in order to create a total video marketplace where buyers can plan across platforms to achieve advertising goals, level playing field between digital and TV needs to be created driven by viewability. “This new viewability solution will help expand access and use of viewability measures, allowing the industry to turn its focus back to making sure that ads have an impact.”

Attention Towards Reach and Frequency

“Offering free viewability measurement will allow for more comprehensive reporting and help to close the gaps where viewability is not currently reported  – thus getting us one step closer to our industry goal of making digital measurement comparable to that of other media,” said Nancy Hill, President, and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As).

It will Help Build Confidence Among Advertisers

Yahoo is committed to providing marketers with an open environment where they have full transparency and control in measuring viewability for display, video and native advertising. “It’s an important step forward for the industry, and it will help build advertiser confidence in ensuring ROI, brand safety, and ad effectiveness,” says Tom Schmidt, Vice President of Advertising Products at Yahoo.

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Viewability has become a standard on which digital advertising is bought and sold, despite the fact that it does not measure the impact but only the impression. By enabling media buyers and sellers to measure viewability at no cost, clients can focus on deeper performance metrics, such as reach within geographic and demographic targets and lift in brand awareness, purchase intent, visitation or product sales.

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