DynAdmic Gives Global Brands New Opportunity to Buy “Safe” YouTube Ads

DynAdmic Gives Global Brands New Opportunity to Buy “Safe” YouTube Ads

DynAdmic Gives Global Brands New Opportunity to Buy “Safe” YouTube Ads

DynAdmic ensures brand safe environments in the age of user-generated content

As the top brands in the world fight for attention against malicious fake news and save their video ads appearing alongside dubious content, DynAdmic is offering advertisers and marketers a new alternative to place safe ads. As the leading digital video advertising marketplace for brands, DynAdmic is currently using an exclusive targeting concept powered by its audio recognition technology to identify and target a viewer’s real-time interest, serving them a brand’s ad at the moment their interest level is highest.

DynAdmic’s prerogative has been to protect the brands from appearing next to undesirable videos or articles that do not fit within the brands’ vision.

Content and Video Analytics for Brand Safety Finally Arrives

DynAdmic diligently scrubs through online video content with the intellect of a human being set on an auto-pilot mode. With cutting-edge content recognition technology, customers can listen to the videos, hunt for shocking sounds and inappropriately spoken content, to make sure they are buying ad space within a secure environment.

Stéphane Bonjean, DynAdmic CEO, says, “The only way to prevent brands from being shown in an unsafe environment, is to analyze both written (page level) and spoken content (video level), not just rely on a quality score or the reputation of a video or website.”

Big Brands Pulling Away from Google and YouTube

In recent weeks, some of the world’s top brands, including L’Oreal, HSBC, Starbucks, and Walmart, have pulled their ad spending from Google, as a result of their ads appearing next to objectionable content on YouTube or websites the online ad giant monetizes. These brands are searching for a new digital video advertising safe haven that some believe, will be hard to find. That’s why DynAdmic seems to be a reliable option for advertisers fighting to save their content from appearing beside obnoxious content.

Contextual Targeting Solution for Brand Safe Video Advertising

DynAdmic uses an ingeniously built, unique and effective contextual targeting solution to sell brand safe, highly focused campaigns to the world’s largest brands and agencies. In the midst of all the ever expanding upheaval and advertising anarchy, DynAdmic has come to save the day with a unique set of tools that stirs up the competition and catches the eye of the world’s top brands and media agencies.

“How exactly does DynAdmic prevent ads from appearing next to objectionable content?”. And how it works is, DynAdmic’s proprietary audio recognition technology analyzes the audio track of a video people are watching online to identify the viewer’s interest and serve relevant ads.

By using the same technology, DynAdmic is able to filter out YouTube’s or any website’s undesirable video inventory by identifying sounds, written and spoken keywords that are associated with the undesirable content, such as violence, offensive language, hate speech, etc… The video content recognition and analysis is based on signal processing, machine learning (artificial intelligence), latent semantic analysis, and parallel computing.

With 6 billion ad placements analyzed every day, DynAdmic is leveraging its hyper-targeting technology to provide a level of brand safety known for its efficiency and scalability. Finally, in regards to a full approach to ad verification, DynAdmic’s fraud rate, monitored by MOAT, is less than 1% in all its campaigns (Q1 2017).

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