‘Make It Viral’ Announces Crowdfunding for Revolutionary Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform

Cryptocurrency Startup ‘Make It Viral (Miv)’ Has Sought Crowdfunding For Its Blockchain Based Video Sharing Platform.

Italian blockchain video sharing platform ‘Make It Viral‘ announced its crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding campaign will commence on the July 18, 2017, and will give investors an opportunity to support the groundbreaking blockchain-based platform that supports streamlined video sharing and comes with an integrated token system.

'Make It Viral' Announces Crowdfunding for Revolutionary Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform
‘Make It Viral’ Announces Crowdfunding for Revolutionary Blockchain-Based Video Sharing Platform

Make It Viral is aiming to eliminate some of the lesser liked aspects present in current popular mainstream video sharing platforms such as Youtube and Twitch, whilst offering unique advantages to both users and uploaders on its platform. MIV is working on providing a unique video sharing platform experience, with the aid of blockchain technology.

The MIV video sharing platform targets a wider audience and not just those directly involved with cryptocurrency. Unlike mainstream platforms, MIV will have a minimal number of banners and advertising. The platform will have an option to send micro-donations to the makers of the viral videos.

Uploaders will be safe from missing payments from ads affiliations and chargebacks from payments processors. They will also incur fewer fees than traditional video sharing platforms while being able to accept micro-donations. These factors will help uploaders to increase their fan base on the platform. MIV intends to install automatic exchangers with a gateway to convert MIV into fiat for the convenience of users and uploaders.

MIV enables uploaders to reach new users through the platform’s Integrated Ranking System. The platform aims to be as user-friendly as possible, and it has extended full app support for both iOS and Android.

What is MIV?

MIV is the native token of the ‘Make It Viral’ video sharing platform and will be used by users to vote for their favorite content and help them to get more visibility. The company has chosen to implement MIV as the means for exchange of value between viewers and uploaders on the platform. Users will be able to receive free MIV daily to help drive the ecosystem.

In addition, MIV will be soon available for trade on various exchanges and Make It Viral intend to later implement an exchange directly on the platform.

Crowdfunding Campaign

The MIV team will run a crowdfunding campaign until the end of October. All funds raised from the crowdfunding campaign will be used for developing various aspects of the projects. The company aims to collect a minimum of 60 BTC over the course of the crowdfunding campaign.

The funds raised from the successful crowdfunding will be allocated for software development, app development, security, integrated platform wallets, sponsorship, marketing, host conventions, public relations, bounties and others.

The total 50 Billion MIV tokens minted will be allocated as follows:

  • 5 Billion will be allocated to the team
  • 15 Billion will be given out for free to active users of the platform while setting aside a small portion for bounties payouts and marketing purposes
  • 30 Billion MIV will be offered through the crowdfunding, to be distributed in various phases.

Until July 31, 2017, the price of 1 MIV will be 3 satoshis, In August, the MIV token price will increase to 4 satoshis and then to 5 satoshis throughout September. In October, the MIV tokens will be sold at 6 satoshis per token.

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