Announcing Attendify Audiences – First-Ever Data Management Platform for $565 Billion Event Industry

Attendify Creates a Private Social Network for Your Event

New Platform is First to Act on Event Industry Data and Finally Use Attendee Information to Drive ROI

Attendify, the leading provider of self-service event apps and lead retrieval solutions, has released Attendify Audiences, the first ever data management platform for the event industry. Attendify Audiences enables marketers who produce live events to turn their data into a powerful asset, leveraging it to personalize marketing campaigns and deliver positive event ROI. The platform allows marketers to collect data from multiple sources, filter and segment, and integrate it with the marketing tools they already use for hyper-personalized campaigns.

Despite an abundance of available technology to help organizers manage and run their events, the event industry as a whole has been slow to capitalize on the data opportunity that has transformed nearly every other area of marketing—making measuring ROI difficult. A recent Event Marketer Magazine study found that “three out of four event professionals feel their organization is missing out on marketing opportunities by not integrating a wider range of attendee data to build out and use attendee profiles.” Attendify Audiences helps marketers do just that, connecting the dots between collecting data, and actually using it to drive revenue.

Michael Balyasny
Michael Balyasny

“The data coming out of mobile event apps is the richest engagement data available to a marketer or event planner, but until now, the event industry hasn’t been able to close the loop between collecting that data and actually using it in a profitable way. Attendify Audiences finally unlocks the power of data for the event industry,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO and Founder, Attendify said.

Tapping into six years of data from more than 9,000 events and 3.2M attendees, Attendify Audiences empowers marketers to utilize event data throughout the entire marketing lifecycle:

Real-Time Data Collection From Mobile Event App: Attendify Audiences seamlessly pulls from mobile event apps, registration tools, and other systems to collect an astounding amount of attendee engagement data.

Audience Filtering and Segmentation: Attendify Audiences adds sophisticated filtering and segmenting capabilities to event data, drilling down by virtually any data point, and organizing audiences by anything from specific job titles and events attended, to session ratings and more. This provides deep insight into every attendee interaction, and the ability to identify influencers who can attract others and grow future events.

Seamless Integration and Personalization: Attendify Audiences offers integration with leading marketing systems like Marketo, MailChimp, and to build specific audiences to target, ensuring an extremely individualized approach. According to a study by Experian, personalized emails deliver 6X higher transaction rates. Now, marketers can use the event data they’re already capturing and connect that with the marketing tools they’re already using to personalize outreach like never before.

“Attendify has helped clients like American Planning Association and MEEA build sleek, engaging event apps that not only boost engagement, but also manage feedback and measure ROI. We’re looking forward to helping them take their events to the next level by harnessing the power of event data with Attendify Audiences,” said Keith Johnston, Managing Partner at, a conference management tech firm and longtime Attendify customer.

Attendify is an event technology company that helps event planners build deeper relationships at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate meetings and other events.

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