2018 Checklist for Marketers: Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Intelligence

In 2018, your social media intelligence suite must essentially bridge the gap between social conversations, audience segmentation, crisis management, and customer experience

Social media intelligence provides insight into every customer-brand conversation and is undeniably relevant, but often goes uncredited. If you are still hunting for ideas of what value likes, spikes, trails and other basic social metrics add to your marketing strategies, your quest would never end. For complete control of social media reporting, you should focus on becoming a social data-driven business, based on conclusions derived from a powerful analytics engine, which would enable you to move a step ahead of mere monitoring.

Why You Need Social Media Intelligence in 2018

2018 is just a month away! You would need a powerful marketing technology stack, capable of analyzing social media data and using the derived inputs in every aspect of your decision-making.

Social media intelligence tools empower marketers to—

  • Build completely cohesive social media command centers
  • Highlight customer’s voice and respond to them in a unified voice
  • Customize social media conversations around product launches, events, campaigns, and advertising initiatives
  • Break down the marketing silos for content, PR, and advertising campaigns
  • Add more teeth to social media reporting, monitoring and automation tools
  • Build B2B influencer communities for better ROI optimization
  • Empower internal teams and maximize their brand worth in a competitive market

For effective brand building, and influencing the relevant B2B conversations in 2018, we recommend that your social media intelligence tools should be able to produce the following metrics.

Real-time Competitive Intelligence

It’s time to move away from the usual reporting metrics of fans, followers, and likes. In 2018, a standard feature of a social media intelligence tool should be to provide insight into everything your competitors do – from launching new products to adding more followers via relevant content and reviews. We now know that online reviews are the most-read and trusted content for buyers in their purchasing decisions.

Assess competitor strategy and performance via Unmetric

Unmetric worked on their AI-powered algorithm for social media marketing insights before unveiling Xia, which enables social media managers to-

  • Detect promoted posts
  • Access competitor’s Facebook reach and impressions
  • Analyze human-tagged campaign
  • Produce instant notifications when competitor does something ‘out-of-the-blue’

If you have a powerful campaign strategy, real-time competitor analyses from Digimind would enable you to accurately measure owned-social media conversations across channels, covering the entire intelligence cycle.

Social Listening for Audience Analysis

Consumer behavior changes with time and it’s this dynamic equation that propels brands to learn more about consumer and customer preferences spanning multiple journeys. Your social media intelligence tool should be able to precisely tell you how audiences are talking to you about your brand and products. Micro-listening and sentiment analysis across trillions of social media posts offer huge opportunities to marketers in building targeted campaigns based on historic social metrics, campaign performance data and brand- customer conversation analytics.

HelioSight by Crimson Hexagon enables every marketer to uncover these without getting lost in the noise.

Another tool that marketers could utilize in 2018 could be Talkwalker’s suite.

The company offers social intelligence based on social listening, social media reporting, and social data—beautifully presented in a visual dashboard that makes social analytics and insights, very easy to decipher.


Social Listening via Talkwalker

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Crisis Management, Brand Health, and Customer Experience

Most social media engagements are undervalued for their customer acquisition and brand-boosting opportunities. However, NetBase takes the whole game of social media intelligence to a new level. Avoiding bad things from happening should be part of your social media checklist, even as customer experience remains the biggest goal for B2B brands.
Social media intelligence tools from Synthesio and NetBase essentially bridge the gap between social conversations, audience segmentation, crisis management, and customer experience.

NetBase Crisis Escalation Workflow

PR Effectiveness and Earned Media Analytics

In 2018, contextual relevance would be everything and, for social media engagements, the contextual positioning of your brand can earn you more revenue than ever projected. What channels get you more media coverage, and what set of influencers provide you more voice—these would be essential markers for every marketer to score relevant engagements on social. Cision Analytics, offered within the Cision Communications Cloud, provides you the ability to attribute valuable coverage and add context to social media communications.

A more diversified approach, Media Intelligence, is another high-value addition to boost your PR effectiveness and earned media success on a daily basis.

via Meltwater

Influencer Mapping and Revenue Management Via Onalytica

Till now, it was all about Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Now it’s time to launch your IRM!

Your latest social media intelligence tools should empower you to identify high-value influencers and map your influencer community built on a reliable Influencer Relationship Management (IRM).

Influencer Relationship Management (IRM).
Onalytica IRM

Marketing with your top customers and buyers can amplify your brand’s perception and reach. Social media intelligence tools offering influencer mapping and performance analytics have a larger role to play in 2018 than the traditional influencer marketing platforms.

With B2B brands getting more programmatic value out of their marketing and advertising campaigns, influencer intelligence would earn you an exacted ROI from the social media investments.

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Social Media Intelligence Platforms for 2018

In the Big Bang of Martech, social media analytics and intelligence companies would make the loudest noise in 2018. Whether it’s for international enterprises or for market research companies, we recommend the following that would satisfy our checklist of social media intelligence.

The art of managing your martech tools would depend on better utilization of social data. Much of what we saw in 2017, with CMOs’ investments in social media marketing would continue and hopefully improve in 2018 as well. For now, all eyes (and brains) should be on leveraging social media intelligence.

(The views and opinions expressed in the article are the author’s own.)

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