DataSift and Datorama Partner to Help Agencies Optimize Campaigns

The deal equips DataSift and Datorama customers with enhanced insights on audiences and topics across social media channels

 Datorama, a global marketing intelligence company, entered into a strategic partnership with a human data intelligence company, DataSift.

The partnership will enable Datorama customers to easily access and visualize a LinkedIn’s member data via DataSift’s Media Strategies API, in a privacy-first manner. Purpose-built for social channels, DataSift’s Media Strategies API would initially be available as part of DataSift’s PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights platform that helps marketers instantly gain insights to take action. As a result, the time spent in preparing data for analysis is cut down.

SVP, Agency and Ad Tech, DataSift.
Jerry Ronaghan, SVP, Agency and Ad Tech, DataSift.

Datorama’s Marketing Integration Engine empowers marketers by unifying all of their data, which is cleansed and harmonized, and prepared for visualization and real-time analysis/intelligence.

Through the partnership, DataSift and Datorama customers will be better equipped to understand how marketers’ audiences and topics are performing across social media channels to deliver effective campaigns.

“Today’s agencies and marketers are data-driven, but they need answers and insights at their fingertips rather than vast pools of information to sift through,” said Jerry Ronaghan, SVP, Agency and Ad Tech, DataSift. “Our partnership with Datorama now gives marketers in-depth insights into their audiences and the topics that resonate with them faster so that they can inform their campaigns in real-time.”

Datasift connected with LinkedIn as its social media marketing partner in January 2017. The insights that are currently available in a privacy-first way on more than 500 million professionals on LinkedIn are:

  • Audience breakdown – Identify the audiences most engaged with a particular topic
  • Top URLs – Identify content being most engaged with by audience or topic
  • Top domains – Identify the domains being most engaged with by audience or topic
  • Top concepts – Identify the concepts (named entities), products, and brands seeing the most engagement by audience or topic
  • Top terms – Identify top keywords/terms used for each series of topics
  • Top company mentions – Identify the companies mentioned most by audience or topic
CMO, Datorama
Leah Pope, CMO, Datorama,

Leah Pope, Chief Marketing Officer, Datorama, said: “It’s exciting to partner with DataSift to provide agency-based marketers a deeper look into their respective social channels to increase the performance of their marketing and customer experience strategies. Users can now afford the ability to understand the value and impact of their social programs on their client’s business. Giving agencies the power to bring together granular, audience/topic-level insights with marketing and sales data is particularly exciting.”

Armed with DataSift and Datorama, agency-based marketers can marry more focused social media insights and marketing intelligence to optimize campaigns and content.

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