Finch Brands Expands Market Research Practice with Launch of “FinchSight” Research Communities

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Finch Brands, a Philadelphia-based “real-world branding agency,” has announced the launch of FinchSight Research Communities. This new capability blends on-demand consumer input with Finch Brands’ brand strategy expertise to help activate the full potential of client brands and businesses. This expansion of Finch Brands’ market research practice will be led by Chief Innovation Officer Tom Finkle, former CEO of the community pioneer Passenger.

Backed by cutting edge digital research tools, FinchSight is a compelling alternative to custom research. Traditional custom projects are typically time-consuming and expensive, while yielding pockets of specific knowledge rather than a cohesive store of information that can be built upon over time. Communities provide richer research, instant audience feedback, the ability to deploy a variety of methodologies, and a cost that is 30-40% lower.

Private online communities are the future of market research, bringing a brand’s target segments together and engaging them collectively. FinchSight communities are custom built so that each client can work directly with the consumer types that drive their brand performance. This allows brands to tap their actual consumers to weigh in on the full range of issues they face, from large strategic decisions to more immediate tactical choices.

Communities provide a level of engagement that other market research methodologies can’t match,” said Finkle. “Members see themselves as consultants to the brand, which provides a level of insight unavailable in traditional research or through social listening alone.”

As CIO, Finkle is responsible for developing innovative approaches to market research, including the launch of FinchSight. He is well suited for the task, having guided and developed new research methodologies that meet clients’ needs across the entire product lifecycle. Most recently, Finkle served as CEO of Passenger, a technology firm specializing in community solutions.

Customized, ongoing market research has traditionally been reserved for large companies with a lot of resources,” said Bill Gullan, President of Finch Brands. “But mid-sized companies have just as much to gain from consumer insights, sometimes more. FinchSight is optimized at a price point that removes the barrier to entry and, due to Finch Brands’ research and strategy expertise, does not require an extensive or dedicated employee infrastructure.”

The proprietary platform will offer features including:

  • Surveys that answer questions among representative samples of respondents using a wide range of quantitative methodologies.
  • Ideation Sessions allowing members to post their own ideas and react to those of others’
  • Live Chats with pre-loaded questions and on-the-fly engagement.
  • Focus Groups that allow for moderator probing, confidentiality, and/or peer-to-peer response.
  • And Journals, where brands send customers out on assignments in the real world, and then collect data in the form of images, texts, surveys, or video.

Finch Brands’ team of brand researchers and strategists manage FinchSight on behalf of clients, ensuring that work flows smoothly, research objectives are met, and data is effectively translated into genuine insight to fuel business and brand growth.

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