Gravy Analytics Provides Exclusive Audience Data to LiveRamp Partner Network

Gravy Analytics Provides Exclusive Audience Data to LiveRamp Partner Network

Gravy’s event-driven audiences’ will power precision-targeted mobile ad campaigns of LiveRamp partners

Gravy Analytics
Anurag Mehta, Senior VP, and GM, Gravy Analytics

Gravy Analytics, a location-based consumer intelligence platform based on verified attendances, made available Gravy Audiences to LiveRamp, an omni-channel identity resolution provider

Marketers, as part of LiveRamp’s extensive partner network, can now access Gravy’s exclusive interest-based precision mobile audience data through the LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store.

Anurag Mehta, Senior VP, and GM, Gravy Analytics, said: “Our partnership with LiveRamp enables virtually any advertiser to access our audiences through their Demand Side Platform or Data Management Platform of choice in a privacy-compliant manner, and sets the stage for new and truly innovative marketing campaigns.”

Gravy offers largest verified U.S Event database

Gravy Analytics offers a comprehensive database of events in the US, that confirms attendance at a relevant event or venue. For example, only devices observed at a recent open house or mortgage lender will be included in an in-market home buyers segment.

Gravy Audiences are processed against Gravy’s AdmitOne attendance verification platform, which analyzes over 8 billion location signals daily to verify consumer attendances at events, activities, and places, for creating audiences based on mobile consumers’ real-world behavior.

LiveRamp can now offer precision audience data to more data buyers

According to LiveRamp’s head of data partnerships, Luke McGuinness, “Gravy is an exciting addition to our partner ecosystem, and we are pleased to make their precision audience data available to more data buyers. It offers audiences in the market that are based on what consumers actually do. Together, we’re enabling marketers to reach highly engaged mobile consumers with relevant advertising at scale.”

Leverage Gravy’s audiences for cross-platform advertising

Digital marketers can also extend Gravy’s mobile audiences to cross-platform advertising campaigns. This lets agencies and brands seamlessly connect their online and offline marketing campaigns, informed by where mobile consumers go and what they do each day.

In January 2017, Gravy raised $7.7 million in Series B funding from Spring Lake Equity Partners, taking the total funding to $21.7 million.

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