Mylife Digital Partners And Presents At Mydata 2017 In Helsinki

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Consent & personal information management specialists from MyLife Digital will present on the international stage at the MyData conference in Tallinn and Helsinki later this month. Three speakers from MyLife Digital will contribute to the substantial programme of twelve different topic tracks, over the three-day conference which explores the future of the personal data economy.

MyData 2017 takes place from 30th August to 1st September, and brings together over 800 delegates and 130 experts. The conference focuses on human centric personal information management and helping individuals gain benefits from their personal data. Something MyLife Digital greatly believe in.

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Simon Crossley

“At MyLife Digital we have always believed that the citizen’s best interests should be at the heart of how organisations collect, store, utilise and analyse data. The aims of MyData reflect this citizen centric approach – combining the industry need for data with digital human rights. The conference is a unique opportunity to get together with likeminded researchers, engineers, business representatives, government officials, and civil society advocates to explore the challenges and opportunities that GDPR will bring.” Simon Crossley, Director of Engineering at MyLife Digital, said.

MyLife Digital will present during three sessions:

  • Simon Crossley, Director of Engineering, will present at the 09. Technical Building Blocks, on day 1 in Tallinn – a day long workshop focused on identifying the core technical questions for a human-centric personal data platform. Simon’s presentation will cover technology strategies and challenges to deliver a population scale API for managing personal data.
  • Karen Watson, Business Analyst, will speak during the 02. GDPR – The New Black breakout session on day 2 in Helsinki. Part of the GDPR – Practical Application session alongside Katryna Dow, Geoff Revill, Jussi Leppala and Robert Madge.Karen’s talk is entitled “GDPR – The latest Everybody must have”.GDPR isn’t a buzzword or the latest trend. It’s here to stay, and will become the norm. For organisations to thrive under the new regulation, GDPR must be business as usual, placing citizens at the heart of the data strategy. Here lies the opportunity. Those organisations who understand that their customers’ personal data is the most valuable commodity of the digital age, and treat it with respect, will gain or strengthen trust to continue building stronger engagement with the public.
  • Ruaridh Thomson, Data Scientist, will be part of the closing session of the conference – 07. Making Consent Work. He will be presenting alongside Mark Lizar, Shaun Conway, Stuart Lacey and Justin Richer, system architect and author of OAuth2 In Action. Ruaridh’s presentation is called Artificial Intelligence and Consent.How to bring data analysis and machine learning together with informed consent. Consent is a pre-requisite for AI because without consent personal data cannot be used. There needs to be a value-exchange between the organisation and the individual for the use of their data.

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