New Study Shows Location Data is the Measurement Technology Most Valued by Marketers to Modernize Metrics and Create Unified Cross-channel Experiences


81% Rank Location Data As The First Or Second Most Important Element For Marketing Measurement; One-Third Rank Location-Based Audiences As The Most Compelling Factor For Integrated Marketing

PlaceIQ, the company building a new model of consumer behavior with location data and insights, announced the release of an independent research study entitled “State of Integrated Marketing 2017: Mapping the Journey to Success.”

This new study examines the current state and adoption of integrated marketing – an approach that serves to create a cohesive brand message across all marketing channels – among leading brands and media agencies.

The study also highlights why integrated marketing programs have become a necessity for marketers in light of major shifts in consumer interaction with brands, the organizational and analytical challenges in implementing these programs, and how technology enablers, such as location data, are fueling successful integrated marketing.

The study was conducted by research firm 451 Research on behalf of PlaceIQ and queried 200 multi-channel marketers operating in North America in categories including automotive, consumer goods, restaurant, retail and travel.

Some key findings include:

  • Integrated marketing has become a high priority for marketers to reach buyers on an increasingly complex consumer journey that stretches across numerous devices and channels.
    • Almost half (47%) of marketers say developing a unified cross-channel customer experience was one of their top three priorities this year.
  • Implementing the right metrics to measure effectively across all channels—TV, out of home (OOH), online, offline—is crucial for successful integrated marketing campaigns.
    • 37% of marketers cite the ability to accurately measure cross-channel results as the most pivotal factor for successful integrated marketing.
  • Location data is the measurement technology most valued by marketers, in their quest to modernize metrics and create a unified cross-channel experience.
    • 81% rank it as the first or second most important element.
  • Location is the foundation on which marketers are building successful integrated marketing programs.
    • One-third say location-based audiences are the most compelling new factor in integrated marketing.
Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder at PlaceIQ
Duncan McCall

Duncan McCall, CEO and co-founder at PlaceIQ said, “This study validates the demand from marketers to create cohesive brand narratives across all channels, at a time when consumer interactions with brands have grown increasingly fragmented, complex, and difficult to measure. The brands that are succeeding are building integrated marketing programs based on truth sets like location data, which provides both the insight into how to reach audiences across channels and the capability to accurately measure the performance of each. We are proud to have developed Place Visit Rate (PVR®), a technology which has been used by brands as a core component for cross-channel measurement, for more than seven years.”

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