OneSignal Raises $7M to Help Every Publisher Deliver Smarter, More Relevant Notifications

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OneSignal, the most widely used push notification delivery platform on the internet  announced that they’ve raised $7M in Series A funding led by SignalFire with previous investor Rakuten Ventures and other early angels following on. OneSignal has raised a total of $9.3M since their launch in 2015.

Push notifications have grown to be the most important direct channel for communications between apps and users. Once a simple, SMS-like experience, the capability of push notifications has grown tremendously alongside advances in mobile computing. With the recent addition of web push via the browser, push notifications can now reach billions of users across iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MacOS, Windows, Alexa and more, supplanting all other forms of direct-to-user communications.

OneSignal has taken a unique approach to creating its multiplatform notification delivery service. Instead of paying large monthly fees, OneSignal’s clients can choose to use the service for free in exchange for sharing anonymized interest and transaction data. OneSignal then works with big brands, data companies, DSPs and advertisers that use this data to help build audiences. For larger enterprise clients, OneSignal offers highly competitive ‘private’ data plans along with increased technical support and account management.

Prior to OneSignal, many developers couldn’t afford technology to better personalize, segment, or schedule their push notifications. Now, any developer can get access to these powerful features for free, and take advantage of the insights across all apps that OneSignal’s scale affords.

This unique model has led OneSignal to eclipse the reach of other push vendors like AppBoy and Urban Airship. It’s also why OneSignal chose SignalFire to lead this new financing round.

George Deglin - One Signal
George Deglin

“SignalFire is the most knowledgeable VC when it comes to using data to make decisions and help their portfolio companies. They were a perfect fit to help us scale our data-centric business model.” – George Deglin (CEO)

Ilya Kirnos, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SignalFire, will be joining OneSignal’s Board of Directors. Before SignalFire, Ilya led the team that worked on Gmail Ads Targeting at Google.

“We started SignalFire to find companies like OneSignal that have huge traction and passionate customers. As soon as we discovered OneSignal, we knew we had to invest — they have the team, vision, and traction that few companies their size ever do. It’s incredible what OneSignal has accomplished in the past 2 years, and we’re excited to support them in the next stage of growth.” – Ilya Kirnos

Other investors include Rakuten Ventures, Zach Coelius (Angel Investor & Fmr. CEO, Triggit), Auren Hoffman (CEO, Safegraph), Gil Elbaz (CEO, Factual) and Devin Guan (CTO, Drawbridge).

OneSignal will use the new funding to expand the team and to better support new messaging channels, such as the recently announced Amazon Alexa Notifications.

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