PeerLogix Announces Partnership to Enable Over-the-Top Advertising for a Leading Advertising Services Provider


PeerLogix announced that it had signed a 12-month revenue sharing agreement with one of the leading Data Management Platforms in the digital advertising industry.

The partnership enables PeerLogix’s digital audience segments to be sold directly on the partner company’s platform and to their clientele, including major brands and Fortune 500 companies and features a rev-share commitment to PeerLogix to be paid on a monthly basis. Furthermore, the partnership provides a new capability for the partner company — the ability to advertise, target, and measure a massive amount of previously unavailable OTT audiences based on digital television, music and movie viewing and listening habits of the residents — bolstering the DMP’s offering to its clients in the media and entertainment industries.

OTT is now mainstream and is projected to grow from USD 28.04 Billion in 2015 to USD 62.03 Billion by 2020 as people continue to cut ties with their cable tv packages and instead opt for a combination of subscription and non-subscription based OTT services, such as streaming applications and websites.

Ray Colwell
Ray Colwell

“Advertisers are rapidly seeking out OTT supply and other ways to make up for lost viewership from linear-tv audiences that continue to contract in overall size. Our partners are taking advantage of our OTT Audience Graph to empower themselves to reach households lost to cord-cutting and the fragmentation of cable, and maximize advertising spend to streaming and digital audiences,” said Ray Colwell, Chief Executive Officer for PeerLogix.

The company monitors OTT viewership of mainstream television programming, movies, and major musical artists, and periodically reports on trends seen in the market. Reports on viewership, such as specific shows and media are available directly from the company and are made available to partners upon engagement. Much of the company’s Q2 viewership and engagement data has already been made available to partners, and a brief synopsis is provided herein.

Cumulative video hours for non-subscription OTT viewership was observed at 306 million hours which was a +20.9% increase from the prior quarter. Based on this rate of growth, the company estimates that total video hours watched for Q3-2017 will be approximately 370 million hours.

William Gorfein
William Gorfein

“Much of the increase in Q2 was driven by developing markets, such as India, which has lead OTT viewership growth this year and averaged a monthly growth rate of approximately 10% compared to an 8% growth rate in the US. These trends are consistent with those of Netflix and other OTT services that are seeing larger growth from their international presence where middle-class expansion is taking place at a faster rate than developed markets. We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.” said William Gorfein, Chief Strategy Officer for PeerLogix.

Notable to both market observers and advertisers was the specific television content that was popular over the measurement period. Taking a deeper dive, the Company’s Q2 measurement results showed the very strong popularity of HBO programming with Game of Thrones leading the pack with a staggering 6.8 index rating.

“This is not surprising as the new season of Game of Thrones premiered on July 16th and upticks in viewership are very common before new season premieres, as highlighted in our July 17th report predicting opening weekend box office success of film and television franchises. We’ve seen a halo effect for HBO as this popularity lifted viewership for Big Little Lies and Westworld. Two popular franchises of the network that are notable because they are not currently in season.” Gorfein explains.

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